This section is meant to help you negotiate your way through the selection box on the left side of the page . It will help you understand what is there and how to use it.

Like any webpage, this box will take you to the home page of this list.

If you click on Messages, you will find an historical archives of all the messages ever posted to this list. You are provided a search box to use when you want to see if something has ever been discussed. Note: Yahoo has had a huge bug in this area and are in the process of migrating all lists to a system that works. We have not yet been migrated.

This is an important area for our list. This is where we keep various shared files. The most important of these files are:
This is a summary of the current applications for adoption.
This file contains copies of all active applications

Please use this information when you are ready to place a foster dog. You have primary input into where the dog is placed. You have lived with the dog and know his/her needs. You can look at the summary list to determine which applicants you want to know more about. Then you can look at the indivdual applications. When you have narrowed the list down to those you think would make good homes, contact Beth. Send her the Info for Adopters form so she will know more about the dog. She will contact the individuals to discuss the dog and direct them to you if they are interested in adoption.

This provides a way of sharing photos; most of us share by sending them as email attachments but this is an alternate method.

This area provides the ability to use a database to gather and share information.

We don’t currently use Polls but can do so from this location.

This area is available only to owners and moderators.

This is available for use but at this time we are not using it.

The remaining items are for management use only and don’t show up on all individual’s lists.