Carried Over from 2015


Dakota is a 4 year old neutered male.  His mom moved to a dog-friendly apartment but Dakota had trouble adjusting to being left alone in a strange place.  He barked  a lot and the manager told her that he had to go.  She surrendered him and we hope he can find a home where he will have a chance to adapt and not feel the need to bark.  Dakota has been adopted.


Mandy, age 6, was surrendered by her owner who was going to live in an apartment.  The shelter gave us a quick call as they were not sure if she were a Westie or a Scottie.  From their photos, we were not sure either so we went to get her as she was described as really being in need.  Looking at her we were quickly able to determine that she is a “white (wheaten) scottie” but we took her anyway.  We got her right to the vet and her care began immediately.

She was spayed and had a dental.  Her teeth were in terrible condition and she lost many of them.  She had surgery for bladder stones and has now recovered from that.  We are now working on some high liver numbers.

Two days after her surgery and treatments, she was outside playing.  Her tail is wagging, she is eating well and happy for her safe landing into foster care.     Due to multiple health issues, Mandy has been declared a permanent foster dog and will not be placed.





Harry, 4 years old, was an only child.  When the new baby came, everything changed.  Suddenly he wasn’t the center of attention any longer.  He became unhappy and withdrawn.  Now that new baby is crawling, Harry is even less happy.  It was time for him to find a new home without children.  Harry came into foster care with that in mind.  Right now he is very scared and confused. Harry has found his new home and is doing well.


Stewart is 8 years old.  He grew up with kids and did well enough but now that he is getting older, it is getting harder for him.  His home had multiple children in it.  The owner decided to let Stewart find a less challenging  home before anything happened.  In foster care, he has had a very pleasing personality.  His tail never seems to stop wagging, even when he was getting his blood drawn at the vet.  Stewart has been adopted.



Oliver, 12 weeks, came in to rescue when his family had some unhappy turn of events and could not keep him.  His eye and ear infections were treated as well as a stubborn giardia.  He has now been adopted.


Fez was at a shelter.  The shelter contacted us.  As so often happens, when we get there, it turns out not to actually be a Westie.  But if we can and if the dog is a small dog, we will often take them anyway.  Fez is probably a schnauzer mix, maybe with a Westie.  He weighs about 23 pounds and is a very nice little boy.  Fez has been adopted.




Petey came in at age 5.  He was in a shelter and thought to be a Westie mix.  We believe he may be mixed with Chihuahua which makes for a very interesting dog!  (Westie hua?)  He is about 12# and is sometimes afraid of some people but we aren’t quite sure why or who it might be.  He has been adopted by his foster family and is doing very well. 




Ruby, age 9, came into Rescue because her owner died.  The person who took her surrendered her because of the severe allergies.  She couldn’t handle the cost of treating them.  She did a loving thing to surrender her so that she could get the care she needs.  Ruby did well in foster care and has now found her forever home.




Emily Ann, age 11 months, came into Rescue when her mom became ill and surrendered her to a shelter.  The shelter contacted us and we got her right away.  She was soon spayed, had her dental and was updated on all of her vaccinations.  She was a sweet little girl with no obvious issues and was adopted very quickly. 



Lulu, age 8, came into Rescue when her “dad” died and her “mom” had to move into a condo where she couldn’t keep a dog.  Lulu has been adopted.



Milo, age 4,  just arrived into Foster care.  His family has two young children and they don’t have time for him.  He is going to need some time to be re-socialized and assessed before looking for a new home.  To date in foster care he is doing very well and shows no signs of the excessive barking mentioned in his surrender.

Milo has been adopted.



RESCUEKirby2016Kirby came to us at age 8 from a shelter in August of 2015. He had a bad flea allergy and lost quite a bit of hair on his back by his tail. He was fostered for 4 months and then adopted. He was having behavior issues with his adopted family and was brought back. We discovered through x-rays Kirby had arthritis in his neck and lower back. Chiropractic massage and acupuncture relieved his pain. Supplements allowed his hair to grow back. With instructions on how to pick him up and a quiet foster home with a pack-leader foster mom, Kirby thrived and became ready for adoption. He currently lives up in Charlevoix, Michigan as on only dog in a quiet household with a mom and dad who adore him. Kirby got a second chance at a good life and is loving it.

RESCUELevi2016aLevi arrived in care in early April and was surrendered because his family didn’t have time to care for him. The family who surrendered him said he didn’t bark, but that’s no the case in his new environment. He’s doing well in foster care and we’re working on treating his severe dry eye issue. According to the veterinary ophthalmologist he saw at MSU this is not an uncommon issue in Westies. He’s lucky in that there is little damage to his eyes outside of the normal for a dog his age (8). He is very smart, and will ring the bells on the door knob to go outside when he needs to go out, but since he loves to be outside and has that strong terrier drive to hunt varmints, he wants to be outside often. As in many of our foster homes, Levi has a strong alpha dog who’s working on his pack manners, and he’s learned his lessons well. As well as being active, he’s a real cuddle bug and enjoys lap time and licking faces. He’ll be ready for adoption once we figure out the dry eye issue and after he gets his teeth cleaned. In Levi’s case, we’re looking for a home where there are other dogs and people who can give him the attention he thrives on.  (Don’t you just love a dirty Westie Face!!!)  Levi has been adopted.



Paris, 8 years old, came in when her family moved to another state and bought a house without a fenced yard.  They decided they could not take her along.  Paris lost eyesight in one eye when she was attacked by another dog but does just fine without it.  She has been a charming little visitor in her foster home and is busy getting her medical updated and will probably soon be ready for a new home.  Paris has been adopted.





Rascal, now renamed Razz (short for Razzmatazz), just turned 5 years old, and was surrendered April 2nd due to marking in the house and excessive barking. So as a result, his owners ended up crating him most of the time.

Razz came into Rescue a very active, unsocialized dog who barked reactively and/or fearfully to any unfamiliar sights or sounds; he detested a crate, was not trained to walk with a leash, highly reactive to dogs on the street, and as we soon found out – also in a great deal of pain.

His owners said he sustained a knee/leg injury in January, but no vet care was provided – until he came into WRM four months later. Once in Rescue, a prompt vet examination and X-rays showed that Razz had been walking with a painful ruptured cruciate ligament for four months and needed immediate surgery to repair his knee. WRM didn’t hesitate in having Razz’s ACL repaired and was scheduled for surgery by Dr. Theodoroff, (Animal Medical Center in Rochester Hills), the following week.

Razz’s ACL surgery went very well, but for the next 6 weeks he was restricted in physical activities, like NO stairs, running, jumping, and had to be walked on a leash when outside. Razz began taking Previcox (for joint pain), Dasuquin chews (glucosamine), and Adequan injections for his joints. Adequan is an internal “lubricant” that helps his hips, joints, and bones, and the inevitable arthritis that usually occurs after any surgical procedure. Razz will need a monthly injection of Adequan for the rest of his life, and is about $20 per month (depending on the vet).

While his post-operative recuperation was good, Razz was still suffering from pain and the ability to fully use his repaired leg. So, WRM supported his foster mom’s request to have Razz examined by Dr. Michael Petty, a certified Veterinary Pain Practioner, in Canton. After his initial examination of Razz, Dr. Petty said Razz’s hips were “deformed,” causing him muscle tightness and pain; therefore, a dry needling procedure and acupuncture was performed.

Click the following link if interested in seeing a video on dry needling.

Razz walked markedly better after only one treatment and his foster mom will take Razz back for a second another dry needling procedure to help loosen the muscles around his rib cage, hips, and legs. Dr. Petty also prescribed 10 mg. of Fluoxetine to help with Razz’s stress and anxiety while being treated.

Even though Razz is still “a work in progress,” he is an absolutely trainable boy, who is smart, affectionate, lives happily with a foster brother, and never marked in his foster home. Razz sits nicely at the door before going outside, waits calmly for his meals, politely accepts and greets visitors in his foster home, has been taught to “shake,” and remembers where you hide his toys. Razz is like a puppy in many ways; he is playful, high energy, curious, but also sometimes skittish and easily frightened.

Razz exhibits a separation anxiety, but usually quiets down with a stuffed Kong about 5 minutes before leaving the house. He does not like loud voices, or noises like car doors slamming or neighbor dogs barking, and can easily become fearful and reactive by barking. BUT, he responds to a calm, reassuring voice and consistent praise and rewards, like pats, belly rubs, treats, or a squeaky toy.

Razz LOVES his Lambchop stuffed toy, sitting outside with you watching the world go by, snuggling in your lap on the couch, and walking, but still sometimes pulls when excited. He is reactive when seeing other dogs on the street, but with continued positive exposure and rewards when seeing them, this reaction should eventually extinguish itself. His foster mom tries to expose him to one new object or sound daily, and his biggest “enemies” to date are the vacuum cleaner and ironing board.

An obedience class with a certified trainer would be a beneficial thing and a wonderful experience for both Razz and his new mom or dad. He needs to feel secure, trust, love, and then with consistent patience and praise from his family, success in continued training and further socialization will take place.

After nearly 3 months of nursing, post op care, TLC, training, and love, Razz’s foster mom is ready to start looking for a forever home for him. He needs to find a family who will also continue working closely with Deb Duncan, our canine behaviorist for WRM. WRM will provide Deb’s support for as long as necessary.

Razz‘s foster family, WRM, and Deb Duncan will support and help Razz’s family in every step of the way. Razz is smart, peppy, energetic, affectionate, and loving; he really does NEED a family he can now call his own.  Razz has been adopted.



RESCUEWillie2016aWillie, about 8 years old, came back into Rescue. (See 2015 rescues for his original story.)  Willie is generally the sweetest little Westie in the world but he is a rescue and comes with some baggage.   In foster care he has been an absolute angel.  He is a little slow and does not walk long distances.  But he loves attention, loves to play with his people, gets along with other dogs, is housebroken…generally a great little all around guy.  He needs love and patience because he isn’t the usual highly active Westie.  But he will be a great addition to some lucky family.  Willie has been adopted.



Tyler, age 6, came into Rescue when the family had a baby. He wasn’t having issues with the baby but the family was afraid that he would eventually.  Tyler bit severely while in foster care and without warning.  We had to eventually concede that he would not be a safe dog to place.



RESCUEKyre2016aKyre, age approx. 8, was surrendered as her owner has entered hospice care.  She sounds like a real clown.  She is overweight so will go on a diet right away.   She gets a long with other dogs, but doesn’t get along with cats.  She is now learning manners and losing weight.  Kyre has been adopted.




RESCUEBelle2016Belle, 17 months old,  is friendly, but takes awhile to warm up.  She is a bit fearful and skittish.  She has only really been around her sister and she has growled and barked at other dogs.  She has never attacked another dog to the point of causing harm but did get in a tussle with an 11 lb terrier mix.   She also has some of the famous skin allergies and has been on Apoquel.  Belle is in foster care with other dogs in the home and is so far doing very well with them.  Belle has been adopted.


Grace, age 19 months, is a Cairn.  She came in with Belle.   Grace is described as friendly with everyone, well adjusted, loves other people (any age), and dogs.  She has no known medical issues.   Both dogs were surrendered because their owner has had several surgies and is on disability.  She isn’t able to take care of two little terriers.  Grace is doing well so far in foster care.  Grace has been adopted.



RESCUECasey2016aCasey, age 8,  is being surrendered due to her owner’s health.  The owner is unstable on her feet, and apparently this girl has a lot of energy.  She seems to be full of Westietude and sometimes her mom falls when walking her.  She is healthy aside from being on a special food for a sensitive stomach.  Casey was a bit anxious at first but is doing well so far.  She met her foster brother and foster “cat” and coexisted with them although she would like to chase the cat.    She is on the small side and seems very sweet.  Casey has been adopted.


BobbyBobby came to us at age 11.  His dad died and the adult daughter moved in with her 2 year old and 2 other dogs.  No one had time for Bobby and he was beginning to have strong reactions when the toddler pulled on his collar or his hair.  Rather than risk an injury, Bobby was surrendered.  In foster care Bobby has been a perfect little gentleman.  He is friendly, gets along with the other dogs, and always seems happy.  Buddy arrived with infected molars and a UTI.  He had an antibiotic shot and a dental and feels much better.   He quit marking once the antibiotic had a chance to work.  He has begun to play with toys and loves running around the yard.  Bobby has been adopted.

RESCUESimba2016Simba is about 5 or 6. He came from a owner who had too many pets. His foster Mom reports he is a real sweetie. He has already made friends with her dogs and is making himself at home. He had an initial vet visit today, and everything went well, results yet to come. He has not seen a vet in a few year. He sure is a cutie! A big thank you to the Boston Terrier rescue for working with us to get this boys safely in our care.  Simba has been adopted.



Gabby, chronological age 10 (but acts more like a puppy).  She came to us because she could not tolerate small children in her space. This is one of the most common reasons we get dogs into rescue and the reason we do not place dogs with children under the age of ten. Before we took her, we had her evaluated and she came through the evaluation very well….but the recommendation was that she be placed in a home without children.  During the evaluation it was found that she was touchy when having her hips pushed on, but was still not aggressive while this occurred.  X-rays from the vet revealed some arthritis and an old knee injury that was not taken care of.  Despite this she runs and jumps like a puppy.  She is a big clown and revels in grabbing a toy or your socks, and running around the house with them.  Although she is fostering with a male and female Westie and they are doing quite well together, she would love a home where she is the only pet. Gabby has been adopted.


Jamie Fraser, age est. 4, was a stray in Detroit.  The Humane Society picked him up and neutered him.  But they contacted Rescue when they found he was heartworm positive.  He came into Foster Care looking quite the mess.  But we quickly had him to the vet and groomer and he is now starting to look rather dapper.  He has flea allergies which had been aggravated by being on the street so he lost hair in the back end and is stained.  But that will all grow out as he recovers.  He is currently taking antibiotics and after a month of them, we plan to treat the heartworm.  This is another of the meds that is very hard to get and very expensive.  The vet is working now to find a supply.  In the meantime he is in a home with 3 other Westies and is doing well.  He will be in care for some time while he is treated but it appears the heartworm was caught early and he should recover well.


Petey, age 10, came into Rescue when his mom had to move and could not take him along.  He had originally belonged to the husband but somehow ended up with her.  Petey was not neutered when he came in.  He is said to be good with other dogs but probably not with children. Petey has been adopted.



Zeke, age 5, came into Rescue after he was picked up as a stray.  He first went to another Rescue and they had him for a month or so but asked us if we would take him.  He has severe skin issues which are being treated.  His hair is growing back but we have added meds that should help even more.  He had an ear infection treated by the previous rescue but it was back again and treated again today.  He injured his knee and had patella surgery a couple of weeks ago and is being rehabbed at this time.  Zeke improved quickly and has been adopted.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Dasher, about 10 months when he came to us, was surrendered because his family just didn’t have any success in his house training.  In foster care, we found that he was drinking an excessive amount of water and had to be taken outside hourly.  An ultrasound did not reveal abnormalities. We continued to search for the answer.  Under supervision of his vet, we stopped water entirely and ran a series of tests.  When he was “dried out”, his levels came back to normal.  Following this, we are currently limiting his water to ½ liter a day.  We will do another blood test in a few weeks.  We hope that this excessive water consumption was the cause of his original funky blood results.  He is using a doggie door.  He is housetrained and  now keeping a dry crate at night.    Dasher is very sweet natured, loves to be held but also loves to play with other Westies.  Dasher is doing well now and has been adopted.


gabe-michael-day-2b-1000Gabriel (age 14) and Michael (age 12), our new little angels.

They came to us from a shelter who saved them from a life of living outside. The prior shelter worked wonders with this duo, as much of their hair has grown back, and their initial medical needs were treated. There is still much to do. Both have dental disease which will be cared for. Both have deep ear infections which are being treated. And both have skin tags and warts which will be taken care of when they are under. Gabriel has testicular cancer which will be cured by neutered. Both are now on Apoquel to help their comfort level…lots of itching due to yeast on their skin. They are in for many baths in medicated shampoo.   (Gabriel may be a Westie/Schnauzer mix.)   Michael has been adopted.