We thank the following individuals for thinking of Westie Rescue in some special ways:



September 16, 2023

Beth Widdows dedicated her life to the health, safety, and happiness of westies. She did extraordinary things to organize Westie Rescue in Michigan, rehabilitating abandoned and neglected dogs while educating the humans who rescued, fostered, and then placed dogs in good homes.  For more about how Westie Rescue Michigan was founded click here.

Donations received in her memory from:

Sue Peters

Chet and Sue Mienaltowski

Susan Frentz

Dorothy Jarczynski

Sportsmen’s Dog Training Club of Michigan, Inc.

Theodora MacKenzie

Joan Ciurla

Tom and Marge McMillan

Jean Story

Barbara Gilliland



September 27, 1963 – April 27, 2023

Lisa Ceragioli, age 59, left this world for a better place, and surely, it must be a place filled with dogs. She was a kind and gentle soul, and a dear friend to those of us at Westie Rescue Michigan who knew her for the last 20 years.

Lisa was a stellar dog groomer and worked her magic on each and every dog she groomed. She was patient and never flustered with an anxious or uncooperative dog on her grooming table. Her calm and soothing nature helped so many Westies through a frightening or stressful grooming process.

Lisa took on grooming many foster dogs for Westie Rescue Michigan over the years – even without knowing their past and temperament. She had one loyal client for many years who traveled 200 miles, just so Lisa could groom her dog; Lisa was that good!

Lisa knew the Westie breed and temperament very well and she was the master groomer of Westies. Five of her six dogs were Westies, and her current Westie rescue pups, Diesel and Wynter were her world. Duncan, Hailey, Greta, and Lainey were also rescues that preceded her.

Those of us who knew Lisa will miss her sweet nature and loving manner. Our dogs will miss her gentle, patient hands, and soothing voice.

Thank you, Lisa, for your devotion to Westie Rescue Michigan foster dogs, to your clients’ dogs, and for your kind and generous service and treasured friendship.

Donations received in her memory from:

Kate King

Beth Widdows, Emily Anne, Molly, Glennie and Jake



EILEEN MICHAEL – Donations received in her memory from Beth Widdows, Carole Beaudry, Mary Lucy, Bob Mosely, Anne and Joe Breen, Shareef, Naseema and Family, Cathy Brueggeman, Julie and Don Mallow, Art Mossner and Peg Murray


LINDA ANTONACCIO – Linda set up a special bequest in her will which benefitted Michigan Westie Rescue.

TOM MICHAEL – Donations received in his memory from Beth Widdows, Sue Peters, Carole Beaudry, Jackie Curtis, Mary Lucy, Bob Mosely, Anne and Joe Breen, Shareef, Naseema and Family, Cathy Brueggeman, Art Mossner and Peg Murray

BETTY WICKLUND – Donations received in her memory from Michael Ringler, Sandra Miller, Thelma and Leonardo David, Mary Kapp, Tressa Duffin, Helena and Bernard Terwellen, James Fort, Marion Reilly, Darlene Wilson, Sherman Ampey, Allen Levy, Marlene Harris and Lori Schultz.


– Donations received in her memory. Joyce is the mother of our behaviorist, Deb Duncan.


TOM CURTIS – Donations received in his memory. Tom was a friend and supporter of Westie Rescue.

JANE HERLEY – Donations received in her memory from Carole and Jim Beaudry, Christine Cencak, Beth Widdows


– Donation received in her honor from Michelle Schneider

– Donation received in her honor from her daughter, Susan Green

– Donation received in her memory from Jeanne Fielder

(Ward of Angela Evans) – Donation received in her memory from Sue Peters, Beth Widdows

Prior Years
MARY LYNN DUBAY – Donation received in her memory from Elizabeth Quinn
JIM AND LINDA BURGESS – Donation received in their memory from Jackie Sprague
SUZANNE RENAUD – Donation received in her memory from her husband, Phil. Christmas 2013
TOM MICHAEL – Donations were received as a “thank you for his kindness and help”.
TOM VERHOEKS – Donations were received in his memory.
LOUISE EVANS – Donations received in Mrs. Evans memory. His daughter is a Westie Rescue volunteer.
WILBERT “BILL” THEUT – Donations received in Mr. Theut’s memory. His daughter and son-in-law provide a foster home for Westie Rescue. Mr. Theut lived with and cared for several foster dogs while he lived with them.
ROSE DiGENNARO – Donations received in memory of Rose DiGennaro, who came to love dogs very late in life, especially her friend Casey.
DR. SHARON LAWRENCHUK- Dr. Lawrenchuk cared for some of our foster dogs and occasionally boarded a dog for us when we did not have space. We learned of her death upon receipt of a donation from one of her clients.
CAROLYN RHODES – Carolyn set up a special bequest in her will which benefitted Michigan Westie Rescue.
DON ELAND – Ellen Eland named Westie Rescue as a charity for donations in lieu of flowers
SYLVIA GREEN – Sylvia closed her home and moved to a retirement location. She donated many of her Westie treasures to Rescue for future auction or sale.
JOHN MAGIRL – John named Westie Rescue as one of the places he wished donations would be sent to in lieu of flowers. He also donated a box of many Westie figurines that we will sell to raise Rescue funds
PHYLIS KASLER – Phylis named Westie Rescue in lieu of flowers.
JENNY WEESE – Jenny’s family named Westie Rescue as a charity for donations.
SUZANNE RENAUD – Suzanne donated much of her artwork to Rescues and Westie Med. Michigan Westie Rescue has benefitted from her generosity and have her artwork on some of our Fundraiser Flags. We received a donation in her memory from Dr. and Mrs. Thomas Barbieri.

Note: To leave a bequest in your will, you will be asked to provide a contact name and address. Since we have no physical location and the Rescue Officers change regularly, the best way to handle this is to stipulate the Westie Rescue Michigan, Inc. and then give the website URL: www.westierescue-mi.com as the place to go to find the most current contacts. That way, when the time comes, they will be able to locate the most current contacts.


Donations can be made as a way to say thank you or to remember someone’s birthday, anniversary, etc.

Christmas 2013 Gift Donations:

MARY JENNINGS & KATHRYN NOONAN – Donation received as a Christmas gift from neice, Andrea Giuffre
JUDY ARENZ – Donation received from Mary Ann Busch
BARB AND VINCE ENGERER – Donation from their children


JUDY ARNEZ – Donation received from Michelle Schneider, Mary Ann Basch, and Molly Ceney
SARA BRESEL – Donation received from Judy Arnez
DOUG AND DEIDRE SMITH – Donation from Madison Shephard