Mission Statement:

To provide a source of information about all things Westie; and to provide easy access to many other sources of information about more general dog issues such as puppy mills, health issues, dog shows, fun things to do with your dog, invisible fencing, pet loss and when you are gone.

If you are contemplating a Westie as a member of your home, look here to find the information you need to make that decision. Are you looking for a dog that will be good with your kids or grandkids? Look under ‘Children and Westies’ for the answer. Are you looking for a companion who will work (and play!) with you in various doggie sports? Look under ‘Fun Things’ to see what Westies are able to do. Maybe you are thinking of becoming a Westie breeder. See ‘Breeders and AKC’ to help you see what it all entails. Or do you want an adult Westie who is settled down a bit….Check out ‘Rescue’.

We hope that this site will become a place to find information, both directly and through links to other sites, to help understand what this breed is about, find the sources of the best pet Westies and understand and avoid pitfalls.

Perhaps, by having the opportunity to research and understand the breed before the puppy is purchased, we will be able to minimize the need for Westies to be rescued. And save many Westies and their owners the suffering caused by common health issues and behavior problems.

Our Club is dedicated to this breed and determined to do all we can to improve the breed. In all things, Education is key to improvement.

Your Westie Education Committe