2015 Foster Dogs


Bubba and Delilah came into foster care together. They are litter mates born in Feb. 2010, and were surrendered because their family did not have time to spend with them.   Therefore, with so much alone time together they became very dependent on each other.  Delilah is definitely the alpha of the two (which is very normal…girls almost always take the number one spot).  However, she is also the most distressed when separated from her Brother.  The both were treated for worms when they came into care, and Bubba had an ear infection.  However, they were otherwise healthy.   Bubba does have some very minor skin allergies which seem to be managed well through baths every couple weeks.  These two are so funny and often move as one dog, especially when on a leash. They definitely have their own language which is cute to watch.  They have flourished in foster care, growing more confident each day.  They, have played with other dogs for what is probably the first time in their life.  They were terrified of their big goldendoodle foster brother when they first came into care and now they are all best buddies.  They are growing more confident each day and learning some basic obedience.   This duo is very special, all they want is to be loved as they have loads of love to give in return and only want to please. Bubba and Delilah have been adopted!




Katie is an 8 year old, spayed female.   She came into foster care because she wasn’t getting along with the other dogs and cats in the family.   She seems to be pretty healthy, has had her dental and doing well.  She has been adopted.  





Poppy is just under a year old and came to us from the Midland situation.  She is a very nice little girl.  She has all the energy of any puppy and no housetraining.  She has been spayed and is now working on housetraining and manners.  Considering she has lived outdoors all this time, she has a lot to catch up on but lots of spirit to direct towards this job.

She may be almost a year old but she is still a puppy.  She had no chance to have a puppyhood in her previous life and she is having it now.  So whoever adopts her needs to be ready for a puppy in the body of an adult.  She weighs a whole 13# and isn’t going to get much larger, if at all.  She is full of fun and spirit, engaging in wrestling matches and races with Betsy several times a day.  She is an escape artist and can get out of anything but the good news is that she comes right to foster mom when she does escape.  She is mid way through housebreaking but isn’t completely there yet.  She has some fears.  The sight of anything new worries her and she barks at it.  She is learning sit and down and doing very well with her lessons.  She needs work on a leash but the weather isn’t cooperating.  She is okay unless something scares her, then she puts on the breaks.   She is very strong and fast…might be a great agility dog.  She is totally friendly and would love to be with her owner every minute of the day.   A fenced yard will be a must for her.  And even then she bares watching as she can climb out of a 30″ ex. pen in a flash.   Poppy has been adopted.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERABetsy is est. 2 years old.  She also came from the Midland situation.  She is a nice little girl also.  She was quite small but very underweight.   The vet suspects she may have had litters too close together or for some other reason, she habecome very thin and has lost hair.

After 3 weeks, Betsy weighed 13 pounds.  She still needs to gain more weight.  Her ideal weight is around 15#.    She is very peppy and spirited.  She runs and plays with Poppy.  She may be Poppy’s mom.  She has had puppies but we don’t know when and whether it was one or two litters.  Betsy is loving  and happy.  She is quieter than Poppy but like Poppy, she is an adult puppy with lots to learn.  She is doing well on house training but that will take more time to complete.  She is also learning sits and downs now.   She had a lot of hair loss but it is growing back in now.

Betsy absolutely loves people and attention.  She needs a home where she can be the center of attention.  We know that she has a hard time with male dogs.  She may be able to live with a mild female but we are probably going to look for an only dog home for her where there aren’t frequently visiting children.  That way she can have all of the attention she wants and won’t have to share her person with anyone.    Betsy has been adopted.


Molly+Head2Molly also came out of the same mill. She is about 4-5 years of age based on her teeth.    Molly is doing well in care.  She had some typical mill issues, mats, fleas, and so on.  But she has recovered nicely.

There have been many “firsts” for Molly in the last few weeks.   She’s learning how to sit or lay on a lap – something she likely never experienced before.  She’s learning to walk on a leash and how to go through doors and up and down steps.  She LOVES a bath and did well at her two grooming sessions.  She visited the auto dealer with her Foster Mom  for a longish car maintenance session and did really well with meeting new people and in a new (and LOUD) setting.  Although still a bit fearful of men, as long as they come bearing treats and giving scratches, she’s good with it!  She was especially enticed by the smell of the bagel platter, which was in the waiting area, and was just waiting to Hoover up any crumbs.

While her teeth were really nasty, they cleaned up nicely and she’s got a pearly white smile now.  She’s gotten a nearly clean bill of health – still has a bit of an ear infection and seems to have some excess oil production on her skin right now.  The skin situation might be due to the change in environment, food or some of the meds she’s been on, but that’s easily controlled with some medicated shampoos.  She’s not much of a barker, but that’s likely because she hasn’t figured out how to get to the window to see out.  She jumps up and down, but not out onto furniture.

Someone is going to find themselves with a real sweetheart of a girl when Molly gets adopted.   (Molly has been adopted.)

 Molly after a bath.RESCUEMolly2015b



This is Mia Michelle, age about 10 months to a year.  She came in with the Midland dogs also.  She is probably sister to Poppy.  She is doing well.  When we got her the ears were completely down but now that the excess hair is off of them, they are almost (not quite) up.  She is a fun puppy and glad she is living indoors in this Michigan winter.

She is a very cute little girl who has tons of energy. She likes to go on walks and does well. She loves to play with toys and steal items from around the house she shouldn’t. She is definitely like a puppy and needs training. She knows sit pretty well and is working on stay and down. She is timid of men but is slowly getting better. She is working on potty training. She goes outside but will also go in the house. She likes other dogs and has been fine around cats. She needs a home that can spend time with training her and is willing to have a dog with lots of energy.

Mia has gone to her new home.


RESCUECallie2015bThis is Callie.  She is also a Midland dog.  She had a slight fever and a sore foot and was very underweight.  (10#).  Callie is now relaxing in her foster home, learning what it is to be cherished.  We think she is about 3 years old.

Her medical has been taken care of, she is adjusting very well, gaining weight and learning to be a house dog.

Callie is a sprite and a delight! She has blossomed since she was rescued, and has become ‘addicted’ to heat. No surprise, given the fact that she likely spent most (if not all) of her life outdoors. She has a good start on housetraining, thanks to her two Scottie foster brothers. However, she has a hard time sharing — whether it is attention, a toy or a treat — probably because she had to fight for whatever she had at the puppy mill. Callie is intensely curious about all that goes on around her. She enjoys exploring open cupboards and is entranced by the refrigerator. While she is about 3 years old, Callie is still a puppy at heart. She is just starting to play with toys, and tries to initiate play times with her foster brothers. They are considerably older than she is, so at times, they don’t always appreciate her poking and prodding. Callie is on puppy food in order to help her put on weight. She only weighs 10.5 pounds.  Callie has been adopted.

RESCUELily2015And this is Lily.  She is a Westie mix. The minimal paperwork show her as a Jack Russell mix but some think she might be part Sheltie or part Cavalier.  It is hard to say.  She is perhaps around 4 years old.  Lily is the smallest of the bunch and they seemed to pick on her.  She may have been getting ready to go into heat which might be why they are on her so much but we separated them to give her a chance to relax.  She has done very well in her foster home.  Lily has been adopted.


All of these dogs are very, very sweet.



RESCUEJake2015Jake is almost 12 years of age.  He arrived in Rescue because the owner watches her grandchildren 2 days a week and she was concerned about having him around the children.  Jake was advertised as healthy however when he arrived he had some very serious dental issues.  During his dental he lost 11 teeth some of which crumpled when they tried to pull them.  He is now recovering from his dental surgery and feeling much better.  He has crusting around the nose which is also due to the dental problems.  He was tested for Cushings but passed the test.  No further issues have been found. He has done well around other dogs and even around children although he is a bit protective of his “Master”.  Jake has been adopted.


Toofer, 4 years old, is safe in care.   You can tell this boy was well cared for and loved.  The owner managed to hold it together during the surrender,  but barely.   Toofer was surrendered because their new baby is allergic to him and had to have breathing treatments.  He seems like like a sweetie.  He is already playing with the other dogs  and made friends with each neighbor dog.

Toofer, now Cooper, has been adopted.


Zoey, 3 years of age, came into foster care when her mom got very ill and could no longer care for her.  Zoey is spayed and well cared for.  She is about 12 pounds, very tiny.  Zoey seems to be quite mild mannered.  She is basically healthy except for some allergy issues.  At first she seemed a bit stunned by the changes in her life.  We treated her for Giardia and she was soon feeling much better.  She is now living with another Westie and having a great time playing and chasing.

Zoey has gone to her new “forever” home.





George is a 3 year old neutered male.  He came because he was having problems with the toddler in the family.  This is the most common cause of surrender  other than illness or death of owner.  George is a handsome fellow and he passed his medical with flying colors.  He is living nicely with other Westies.   George has been adopted.





Macie is a 10 year old female.  She came into Rescue when her owner passed away.  Macie needs some medical care before she can be considered for adoption.  So far, she has been a great little foster dog who appreciates every kindness.  Macie has been adopted


Baby Bella came in to foster care at 12 weeks of age.  Her original home loved her but Mom was not well and found that a puppy was way more than she could handle.  So Bella came to us.  She had giardia (very common in pet store puppies) and it was a struggle to get it cleared up.  But eventually it was and she finally was old enough to spay and have an extra toe removed.  This done, she was then quickly adopted.








Daisy, age 5, was tied up to a picnic table by her new owner.  When a neighbor realized he wasn’t feeding her or giving her water, she began to care for Daisy.  After a week or so she convinced him to let her have Daisy.  She then took her to a rescue on the west side of the state.  From there she was transferred to Westie Rescue.   Daisy is a nice girl who likes to play.  She wants to sit on  your lap.     Daisy has been adopted. 




OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWillie, age 7, was picked up by the police and taken to the Taylor shelter.  While there, his owners arrived.  The police offered to let them surrender him in exchange for no citation.  They agreed.  Willie was covered with sores and scabs.  He had ear infections and needed to be shaved down.  The Taylor Pound Pets rescue kept him for a month.  During that time he got really sick and when it was suggested he might have a blockage, they just couldn’t afford to go further.  They offered him to us and we got him to a vet that same day.  He had emergency exploratory surgery and recovered nicely.  With treatment, he has recovered, his sores are gone and he has grown enough of a coat to have his first grooming!  Willie is a very sweet boy who loves his “zoo”.  His toys travel around the house to be wherever everyone else is.  Willie has been adopted! 



Colby, age 11, came to Rescue because he wasn’t doing well with the children.  He also doesn’t like cats but he is fine with other dogs and adults.  He arrived in Rescue and has fit in easily with the other dogs in the foster home.  What a pretty boy!  Colby has now been adopted.



RESCUEKearney2015bKearney, age approx. 8 years, came to Rescue from a shelter.  We began treating his issues which included a lot of hair loss due to an untreated flea allergy.  He has responded very well.  He is doing well in foster care and getting along with the foster home’s Westie.  Kearney has been adopted.








Dakota is a 4 year old neutered male.  His mom moved to a dog-friendly apartment but Dakota had trouble adjusting to being left alone in a strange place.  He barked  a lot and the manager told her that he had to go.  She surrendered him and we hope he can find a home where he will have a chance to adapt and not feel the need to bark.  Dakota has been adopted.




Mandy, age 6, was surrendered by her owner who was going to live in an apartment.  The shelter gave us a quick call as they were not sure if she were a Westie or a Scottie.  From their photos, we were not sure either so we went to get her as she was described as really being in need.  Looking at her we were quickly able to determine that she is a “white (wheaten) scottie” but we took her anyway.  We got her right to the vet and her care began immediately.

–  Spay – The vet thinks the skin issues which are so bad, are possibly more related to hormonal imbalances rather than allergies.  The spay may be the fix that is needed for the skin.  In the meantime we are using Apoquel.
– Dental – Her teeth are in terrible shape.  Those that are not broken and cracked are green.  We expect her to lose many during the dental but to feel much better when they are out.
– Bladder Stones – She was peeing blood due to gall stones so they will be removed right away.  While they are there they will check the area for anything else.
– Ear infections – Both ears are infected and will be deep cleaned.- Routine vaccinations, microchip etc will be done while she is under so she won’t even feel them happen.
– Worms

Two days after her surgery and treatments, she was outside playing.  Her tail is wagging, she is eating well and happy for her safe landing into foster care.  After a month, her hair is growing back, she is doing very well in care and will soon be looking for her new home.  Mandy is being checked for possible issues with her liver.    She isn’t yet ready for adoption.



Harry, 4 years old, was an only child.  When the new baby came, everything changed.  Suddenly he wasn’t the center of attention any longer.  He became unhappy and withdrawn.  Now that new baby is crawling, Harry is even less happy.  It was time for him to find a new home without children.  Harry came into foster care with that in mind.  Right now he is very scared and confused. Harry has found his new home and is doing well.




Stewart is 8 years old.  He grew up with kids and did well enough but now that he is getting older, it is getting harder for him.  His home had multiple children in it.  The owner decided to let Stewart find a less challenging  home before anything happened.  In foster care, he has had a very pleasing personality.  His tail never seems to stop wagging, even when he was getting his blood drawn at the vet.  Stewart has been adopted.




Oliver, 12 weeks, came in to rescue when his family had some unhappy turn of events and could not keep him.  He has eye and ear infections which are being treated.  Other than that, he is doing well in foster care.  He has some medical issues that are still being treated.



Fez was at a shelter.  The shelter contacted us.  As so often happens, when we get there, it turns out not to actually be a Westie.  But if we can and if the dog is a small dog, we will often take them anyway.  Fez is probably a schnauzer mix, maybe with a Westie.  He weighs about 23 pounds and is a very nice little boy.  He is being treated for an eye infection.







Ruby, age 9, came into Rescue because her owner died.  The person who took her surrendered her because of the severe allergies.  She couldn’t handle the cost of treating them.  She did a loving thing to surrender her so that she could get the care she needs.  Ruby is did well in foster care and has now found her forever home.



OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAMikey (now Petey), age 5, was in a shelter.  He was having a hard time because they report he was fearful of men and their trainer was a man.  They asked us for help with him.  He tiny, about 10 pounds, and probably a Westie/Chihuahua mix.  He was in the shelter since August.  While in his first foster home, his physical problems were addressed.  He is doing quite well now but moved to a new foster home recently.  He is a happy little boy but is easily frightened.  His looks are more Westie (except for his smaller size, brown spots, curled tail and his mouth), but his behavior is more Chihuahua.  He is fast and loves to play keep away!  He can jump sideways about 6 feet in a single bound.  He is very light on his feet and bounces around….I’ve never seen a Westie fly – until now!!!!     He could be adopted in a home with only females.  He is very shy of males and puts up a good front.