PART 1: Personal Information

NOTE: All Foster Homes must join our Yahoogroups Email list and check in at least once a day. Will you comply?

Household: Number of Adults

Children (Number and Ages)

Dwelling Type *
Ownership Status *

Rentals require proof of landlord permission to foster dogs. Please send letter from Landlord on letterhead with phone contact information.

PART 2  Environmental Information

Yard Securely Fenced? *
Are gates padlocked?
Is there a swimming pool or spa? *

SLEEP: We require the dog NOT sleep in your bed. We prefer a crate or ex-pen.

We require the dog be crated or in an ex-pen when you are away from the home or unable to supervise.

SMOKING: Does anyone in your home smoke? *
Do you have basic equipment? (e.g., crate, bowls, ex-pens, etc.) Note: We will supply the items, if needed. *
We require frequent large digital photos of the dog. Do you have a digital camera and know how to download and transmit? *

PART 3: Your Pets (For foster/babysitting volunteers)

(Past Dogs)

(Current Dogs)

Have you ever fostered for another organization? *
Are all pets altered? *
If needed, can you isolate the dog? *

PART 4 Foster Preferences

What areas are you willing to cover if the dog requires transportation?
What type of Westies will you take?
What type of Westies will you take? *
Socialization: Check all areas to which you expect to be able to expose a dog to. Note: Malls and parks help with exposure to different types of people.)
Do you agree with the policy to neuter/spay ALL rescue dogs? *
Will you do basic training while it is in your care? (e.g., sit, stay, etc.) *
If your vet is unwilling to perform the procedures and or tests that Westie Rescue requires, are you willing to take the foster dog to a different vet? *

PART 5: Tough Decisions

Would you be able to handle it if a dog you are fostering has to be euthanized due to illness? *
Would you be able to handle it if a dog you are fostering has to be euthanized due to temperament? *

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to place a dog who has bitten an adult and broken the skin. We will almost surely have to put it down. Therefore it is essential that we be very careful and not put a frightened dog into a position where it might bite if it is avoidable. (Note: We do our best to not accept aggressive dogs but it could happen. See our limitations statement under the Surrender Button on the website.

Would you be able to deny an adoptive family a particular dog because the placement “didn’t feel right”? *
Do you have the support of all home residents in fostering? *
Are you willing to work closely with Rescue in making any placements? *
Are you financially able to provide adequate food? (Rescue pays all authorized medical care.) *
Are you willing to stay in contact with the adoptive home to ensure the placement was a success, including follow up visits and/or phone calls? *
After placement, the home decides to return the dog. Will you act quickly to get the dog back into foster care? *
Are you willing to provide counseling resources to the adoptive family should problems arise later on in the placement? *

Part 6 References




By submitting this form, I attest that, to the best of my knowledge, the above information is accurate and complete at the time of signing, and I understand that falsely provided information can mean that my application will be terminated.

Note: You are advised to consider carrying an individual umbrella liability policy of at least $1 million; it is a very inexpensive form of protection. While we have never been sued for anything related to rescue, it is always better to be protected. Also, be sure your own dog’s shots are up to date, including Bordetella and that your dog is on a heartworm preventative. If you are fostering, you might want to consider using a brand such as Sentinel which kills various internal parasites that new fosters might bring in. A photostatic copy of this executed document shall be considered as valid as the original.