My mom says Cola isn’t good for me!

There are many ways to feed your Westie. This can be a very controversial subject. Everyone has their own idea of the best food. These ideas include feeding raw, home cooking, and various types of kibble. This is a decision you must make for your dog after doing a thorough research. We hope, if kibble is your decision, you will take care to purchase a high-quality kibble. Westies are often allergic to corn, wheat and soy. These are good items to avoid when you start your search. Another thing to consider is whether you want your friend to have food that contains natural or artificial preservatives. If you choose natural, remember that the food will have a shorter shelf life. You will not want to buy a large bag of kibble that will last more than 3 or 4 months. And you will want to store it in an air-tight container and away from heat and sunlight.

If you home cook, you will want to be sure you are including the appropriate ingredients. A good site to visit is you home cook and have made up your own recipe or have changed ingredients here and there over time, you may be interested in finding out if you are still feeding a balanced diet. Michigan State University has a program where you can send a sample of your dog’s food to them and they will analyze it for a reasonable fee. Contact “Diagnostic Center for Population and Animal Health, East Lansing, MI 48824 Phone 517-353-9312 to learn about this service and more.

Another way to approach this is to pull up a search engine and enter the name of the food you are interested in to find their web site. Then you can read more about the product. These sites should also list the stores in your area that carry their food. There are many good, free search engines such as:

Kibble Ingredients