2020 Foster Photos


Ava is 3.5 years old and from Switzerland. She is well cared for and up on all shots. She has a Vet appointment but they will not be seeing well dogs until 5/1/20. So we will wait.

She is being surrendered because the owner is caring for her 90 year old Mother in her Mother’s apartment/condo. The Westie is young and has so much energy that she isn’t doing well. The owner is a new Grandmother of kids in the UK and she wants to move there. Her life plans have changed since she got her and she feels the Westie deserves a better life with a yard and another play mate.

Ava and foster brother Winston seem to be hitting it off nicely!!!!

We had an update from Foster mom which we will share with you. We thought it would be good to let everyone know a bit more about fostering. Many people think it is just a matter of babysitting, but it is a lot more than that. The dog lives in the foster home for a minimum of a month. This lets us get to know the dog, get medical and grooming done, and discover many issues that may not be immediately obvious. (In the time of COVID19, the foster care time is going to be longer as medical and grooming are likely to be delayed.) Often, the dog’s personality and various quirks don’t come out in the first couple of weeks. It takes time for them to settle in and get comfortable enough to show their real self.

Ava is a typical foster dog…very good girl but with some issues that need to be dealt with. To the extent we can, we “fix” the issues; to the extent we can’t completely fix the issues, we identify them and discuss them with potential adopters. You can see from this report, that this is happening with Ava.

Our goal is to make an ideal placement between the foster dog and new family, but our priority is always to the dog first, no matter how long an applicant has had an application on file.

From Foster mom

Ava has no concept of being in your way and she got between my feet and tripped me causing me to fall on my left hip and forearm. Luckily, I didn’t hit my head. I’ve been all out of whack but am slowly getting better. We weren’t walking last week which set us back on learning.

We have started back walking with a Gentle Lead harness and a regular harness on her as she fights to get it off. She is doing better.

The thunderstorms last night set her off into a frenzy and I was up at 3:00 AM until 6:30 AM. She would not stop barking so I let them out then had to dry them off. I finally got her to settle with two melatonin. I am learning that when she is whining, I must talk to her in a regular voice and try to get her close enough to me to pet her. This seems to help her calm.

She is very high strung but sweet if you can get hold of her. LOL. She also growls at you if you touch her, so I’ve been picking her up during the day and looking out the window with conversation. Her eyes flick back and forth as she is so nervous. I think she sees much better than Winston (the Westie in the home). She does not like the Composure Pro and won’t even take it in her mouth. This is the first time I have ever had a dog that does not gobble them down. The only way I get the melatonin down her is to use baby food meat on a spoon and hide them in it. She sees Winston eat his and she eats hers. I do this before meals, and it is working out.

Another thing that calms her just like a baby is a car ride. LOL. Every other day we go for a ride and that is more touching and lifting for her to get accustomed too. Boy, does she have some strong back legs.

She is losing weight and self-regulating her food intake. I think she feels better and flies around the yard without a care. She hunts constantly. She has dug some holes. One by the step going into the garage. There is a family of snakes under there and she wants them!

New update: Foster mom is very pleased with the progress Ava has made. She has settled down and is no longer so nervous. She is learning some basic home obedience things and just doing so much better.



TJ was surrendered on 02/13/2020 when his owner was evicted from their home.  He is 14 years old. He had not received any medical attention in several years.  He had matted fur over much of his body.  We brought him up to date on his shots immediately and he was shaved so we could assess any other problems.  He has had his teeth cleaned, a microchip inserted,  and his medical is basically done.  He initially had some anxiety but that is resolving.  He is now sleeping in a crate, living with other dogs and cats and doing very well.  He does not currently show signs of allergies.  He is  settling in better every day.

ADOPTED:  After a month in foster care, TJ found his new home.



This 8 year old boy was a stray in the Saginaw area. He just came into Rescue (6/13/20) and hasn’t been named yet. He is friendly and seems to be fitting in well with the foster family’s Westie. He badly needs grooming and medical care although the shelter was very good about taking care of immediate medical needs. He will be in foster care for at least a month, perhaps longer. With today’s requirements, it will take longer than normal to get just basic things done. But he has already had a bath and taking his meds if well hidden!

After a couple of days in care, Hershey was able to get in to a vet. He has a lot of issues to take care of. His skin issues are bad. He isn’t eating much and isn’t keeping much down. He seems to have dry eye. His ears look okay. As miserable as he is physically, he is a gem, friendly and loving. We hope to get things under control quickly so he can start healing.

UPDATE: Unfortunately, Hershey was sick from the start. After spending some time a Michigan State, he was diagnosed with cancer which was far enough along that it wasn’t treatable. We were sad to say goodbye to Hershey but glad that we were able to get him off the street, out of the shelter and into a loving home for the last few days of his life.