Jamie Fraser was in foster care for several weeks.  The shelter tested him positive for heartworm and this positive test repeated while in foster care.  He was kept on heartworm pills while in foster care and his most recent test came back negative.  Another test will be done in six months but in the meantime he has been adopted.

Gabriel, age 14, came into foster care based on a court order.  He is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet.  Gabe has found a new family that will give him love and “walk him  home”.  Best Wishes, Gabriel!



Leia, age 9, came back into foster care when her dad got sick and passed.  This girl needs some good luck and love.  She lost her previous family the same way.  She is now being cared for and will be looking for a new home.  She is very nice but is a natural “alpha”.  While she has been able to adapt to a new home with other dogs, she prefers to be an “only” child.  She very much wants long and attention, and she DESERVES it!!!   Note: Princess Leia’s adoption is in progress.


Sheldon, age 2-3, came into rescue because he “wasn’t getting along with the other dogs”.    After some time in foster care, he was in the process of adoption when the potential family changed their mind.  Some time after that, he escaped the  yard and was lost.  As of now, we have not found him despite microchip and ID tags.


Rudy, age 10 weeks, arrived in foster care.  This puppy had a strong heart murmur so the breeder would be unable to sell him.  Many breeders would put a puppy down but this breeder agreed to surrender him to us so we can do the testing and hopefully give the puppy a chance at a good life.  We did not pay the breeder anything for the puppy.  He is 4.1# and was 10 weeks of age last Friday. 

Rudy has Pulmonary Stenosis.  This means that the right side of his heart has to work extra hard to pump the blood out through too small an opening.  It could be the flaps are stuck or there is some band above the opening that is blocking the blood.  There is a surgery for this but she doesn’t want to do it right away.  She wants to see him in 3 months when he is older and larger.  She will then redo the testing and see if there are changes.  In the meantime she is trying medication called Atenolol (which is given to humans for high blood pressure).  She says it might slow him down some.  He will be seeing our vet regularly to check his blood pressure to see if it is making a difference.  The main thing is that if the pressure is lower the right side of his heart may not thicken as much.  If it appears he will need surgery, we will be making the trip to MSU for further evaluation.   There is no long term prognosis yet ! but I’m much more hopeful than I was before the ultrasound. 

Rudy has  been adopted by parents with medical backgrounds and is very much loved.  They are continuing the medical care.


Zeke, age 6, is back in foster care. The placement didn’t work out. It just wasn’t the perfect match. He is now in a foster home where we will again work on his skin issues and let him “decompress”.  After 7 months of foster care, we were forced to make a very hard decision for him.  He was wonderful when he was good but he had occasional spells where he just lost control and was not a safe dog.  We could not place him again despite all of the work done by so many.



Griffin, age 8, is in Rescue because he has some allergy and skin issues.  His family could not afford his medical care.  This has been especially true since they are expecting their second child.  Griffin gets along with dogs, and people … he even got along okay with the toddler in the family, although mom took extra pains to be sure he was protected from little hands.  Griffin has been adopted.


Gibbs, estimated age anywhere from 10 to 15 years, was found as a stray.  The shelter chose not to adopt him out because he had several health issues to be investigated and treated.  Gibbs is a wonderful, loveable little boy who is totally undemanding.  He does have some issues we will treat:  kidney infection, arthritis, hearing loss, heart murmur and possibly Cushing’s.  His adopter will be someone who wants to give love to a neglected little boy in his final years.  He definitely deserves all the love he can get and will return it.  Note:  His Cushing’s test was negative.  After a few days in care, and with antibiotics and pain meds, his personality is coming out.  He is starting to play and even ask for petting.  he is a very easy boy to care for.

Gibbs has been adopted by a family who will give him the love and attention he needs.

Toby, age almost 11, came into foster care because the grandchildren came to live in his home.  The children are toddlers and do things that toddlers do and it just wasn’t going to work out.  Toby has been a nice dog with humans although a bit headstrong.  He has not done well with other dogs.  We have been working on behavior issues with Toby and he is progressing well.





Spike came in at age 14.  His owner loved him but could not afford medical care.  When he began having issues, the own tried various home remedies which didn’t work.  When he was surrendered to a shelter, he had a lot of hair loss and skin issues, an eye infection and ear infection.  We have had him to the vet and he is on various medications.  Spike is very laid back.  He ignores other dogs and enjoys a lot of long naps.  Now that he is feeling better, his personality is starting to come out.   Spike is now adopted into a home with another 14 year old dog and is doing well.





Lucy came out of a shelter.  She was a stray and needed a lot of help.  She was covered in fleas, very itchy and a lot of hair loss as a result.   She was treated and recovered nicely.  Lucy is a very small girl at 13#.  She has been adopted and is adapting to her new home very well.






Samantha, age 5, came into foster care largely because she wasn’t good with the cat.  Her original owner died and her 2nd owner adopted her when she heard about her at the vet.  She said that Sammie was a very good girl and she hated to give her up but she wanted to travel and she couldn’t let the cat continue to be afraid to come out.  Sammie has been very good in foster care.  She is getting along well with the resident dog, playing and having a good time.  Sammie has found her new home.





Stevie (now Wynter Starr) arrived in foster care after several stops.  She was sold to a family with 4 children under the age of ten and some Poms.  They decided she didn’t fit into their family well and they advertised her for sale.  A couple who had recently lost their 15 year old saw the ad and bought her.  They knew they weren’t ready for another dog so turned her over to Rescue.  Stevie is around 4 months old and doing very well.  She will be fostering with a home who will adopt her once she is old enough for her spay.

Bolt, age 8 years, came to us from an unusual situation.  He grew up in a family with 5 children and did well.  But they moved and felt that he would be happier in a farm situation.  He ended up with a sister who happened to have 10 children!  Bolt was okay with the kids generally but had a terrible time when he was asked not to chase the cat or herd the cattle!  The kids occasionally did things that a typical Westie would have a hard time with, such as being approached from behind without warning.  The new owners just felt he wasn’t happy in his situation.  They asked us if we could find a new home for him.  They were concerned that he might not do well with small dogs but he was very good with the two Westies he spent time with on his journey to his foster home.  And he is in 7th Heaven in his foster home now.  He is thoroughly enjoying being the “only” child and getting ALL of the attention and love.  Bolt has a couple of issues with his feet.  It is thought that it may have started on his journey from out west to our area, in a crate the whole way.  The feet are being treated and he will soon have a dental.  We will try to have him around other small dogs to be sure that isn’t a problem but so far there are absolutely no complaints about Bolt!!!  BOLT is just a sweetheart, and soaking up the care and affection of his foster mom.  Bolt’s foster mom is what we call a “foster failure”.  She has adopted Bolt.  He will be spending his winters in S. Carolina with mom and coming back to help her foster next year.  Congratulations Bolt!


Sassy is 4 years old.  She was surrendered because she didn’t get along with the other dogs in the home.  She was very protective of Mom and would snap at anyone who tried to hug her.  It reached a point where they decided she had to find a new home that would suit her better.