COOPER age 6, had a happy home but she wasn’t doing well with children. She had surgery on her knee (a common Westie issue) and was sensitive to small children who might hurt her. The family had a small child and couldn’t risk keeping Cooper. She does like to “talk” and will probably always be something of a barker. Her foster home really enjoyed her time with them. While in foster care she blew her other knee, had surgery and has recovered. (Note: It is typical that if one knee goes, the other will go within 18 months of the first one so she was right on schedule.) Cooper has now been adopted and has a young girl to be her best friend.

ROXIE age 2+, came to Rescue because her owners could no longer afford her meds. Roxie has some allergy/skin issues which many of our foster dogs have had. She also had a pretty severe ear infection. We started her on daily medicated baths, Atopica and ear meds. She had a urinary issue but antibiotics seem to have corrected that. She will probably be on Atopica for her entire life. Her baths are less frequent now but still more than the average Westie. Roxie may take extra care but her personality makes up for it. Her new family is willing to give her their time and regular meds. They will find they have a great little girl. She is growing a nice coat as you can see above.

SCRAPPY renamed ZIGGY STARDUST by his foster home, came to rescue at age 1.5 years. His family bred their Westies and kept one of the resulting puppies. But when they had a new baby he received less attention and, as often happens, he acted out by marking and chewing on items. So at age 1.5 years he came into Rescue to find a new home with lots of time for him. He was a great little foster boy and is now a great member of his new family.

JAZZI’S owner ran a daycare in her home. Jazzie had a hard time with all of the activity and children. She needed a quieter environment to do well. Jazzie was purchased from a Missouri puppy mill with the intent of breeding her. She developed White Shaker Dog illness when young. It was treated for a while but she no longer needs meds and seems to be well. There is some chance it may have been encephalitis rather than White shaker Dog. Regardless she is doing well, has no symptoms and requires no medications. She is very small and sweet along with “Westie active”. We have updated her vaccinations and have done a dental and spay. Jazzie showed us that she needed to be an “only” dog with no children which limited her opportunities for placement but Jazzie has now been adopted

FINLEY age 8-11, lived with an older lady who died suddenly. We think that she probably loved him but her health caused her to neglect him. When he came into Rescue this winter, he was not in the best of shape. The vet cleaned his ears out under anesthesia. Some of the dirt was so impacted it was as hard as a marble. Besides ear infections he also had dental infections causing some tooth loss. He has some arthritis in his hips although that is not bad. His knees are very arthritic and perhaps had a break heal improperly in his front leg. However, with the help of a daily pain pill, he gets along well and is now enjoying each day of his new life. Finley is a happy little guy who wants to give and receive love. His foster mom just could not give him up so he has been adopted into her family where he loves his foster sister and mom.

SCRAPPY now called WEEMACK was a stray, found under some hay wagons during this very cold January. He was frightened but the family was finally able to get him out and into their home. They cleaned him up and fed him. He lived with them and did well with their dogs but they just could not keep another dog. They did register him with the shelter but no one was looking for him. He had a microchip but it had never been registered. Finally they turned him over to Rescue. We took care of him and updated his medical. He is a very nice little boy. The current age guess is 4 years. WeeMack was adopted and is doing well in his new home.

MAX age 1, came in to Rescue because of housebreaking issues. The family had a 3 year old child which often seems to make housebreaking more difficult, possibly because they are unable to devote the attention to it that is required. Max has now been adopted and he is enjoying a new life with a Scottie and a big fenced yard.

KADIE age 5, came in because her dad died and mom had to move in with her grown daughter who had a young child. Kadie wasn’t aggressive to the child but she was “jealous”, reverting in her housebreaking and other signs of discontent. Kadie has now been adopted.


SCOTTIE age 7, is in rescue because he was marking in the house. In foster care we are inclined to feel it is really simply a case of incomplete housebreaking. Scottie has gone to a new home with a family who recently lost their Westie and their other dog was very lonesome. He is doing well.


GIDGET age 6 is a Westie mix. Her owner had to go into the hospital for heart surgery with an extensive recovery period. She decided it was in Gidget’s best interest for her to find a new home. Gidget has been spayed and was fostered until placement. She did very well with other family dogs and now has been adopted.

ANGUS age 7, was surrendered because his dad lost his job. Mom and dad are moving east and will live with their daughter while he looks for another job. She has small children and Angus doesn’t do well with them so he had to find a new home. Angus is a very nice little boy and is living well with other dogs. He has now been adopted and is a very spoiled little boy.

TRAVIS was left at a shelter by his owners a couple of days after his second birthday. They said they could not keep him because he had a heart murmur. He was pretty much a mess when he came to Rescue. His hair was long, matted and dirty. The dreadlocks in his back end literally dragged him down. He lost a pound when it was trimmed up!

Travis is a very loving little boy. He is not so sure of other dogs but generally does well if he is introduced carefully. He was sick when he came in and passed his “bug” along to his foster siblings but all are well now. After his neuter, dental and other routine medical care, we went to the heart specialist where a ultrasound was done to confirm a PDA heart murmur. This type of birth defect will generally kill a dog by the age of 1 year but because he is alive and doing well, it was expected to be a small defect. Regardless, it required heart surgery. Michigan State University did the surgery on May 29, 2009 and Travis is now doing very well. This condition is effectively “cured” now and will not have any impact on this life quality or quantity. Travis will now be able to concentrate on learning to meet other dogs without fear and has found his adoptive home where he will continue his learning.
Travis has now been adopted and is leading a full and happy life.
GABBY age 2, came to us from the Rochester Hills Humane Society. She was surrendered because her owners could no longer care for her. Gabby was going into heat when we got her so she was quickly spayed and had a dental. She is now recovering from her surgery and blending into a foster family of 3 other Westie girls and a Dane. She has adjusted very well. Gabby is a very active and very sweet little girl. She has now been adopted and is giving her new family a “run for their money”, literally. But they love her and are willing to live with her hi-jinks until she matures and settles.

PENNY age 6 Her adoptive mom died recently and she came back to us. She was quickly adopted by another club member and is doing very well. She now has two Westie brothers and a fenced yard.

SCOTTY age 8, came to us when his mom was diagnosed with Alzheimers and went to nursing care. The family had not realized how bad things were and Scottie probably didn’t get proper care for some time before he came in. His foster home is working on his housebreaking. Often, in situations like this, even if the dog was once housebroken, they lose it when they are unable to get outside when they should. It is usually just a matter of “reminding” him and giving him a chance to put it all back together again. Scottie is doing well with the other dogs in the household. He has now been adopted.

HOLLY 5 years old also lost her adoptive mom. She is now in foster care with us and will soon be looking for a new home. She is doing well with her foster brothers and loves to sit by mom when mom is on the computer. She has now found her “forever” home and will have a brother Westie to play with.

CORKY’S mom surrendered this 3.5 year old because she was going through a divorce and was unable to handle his marking issues. She did not crate train him and was not able to find a way to prevent this behavior during her long days at work. He was on an electric fence and we think this may have contributed to his problems. Corky has come back to us because of marking but has been on an intensive anti-marking program in his current foster home and is now asking to go outside. He seems to fully understand his housebreaking? In a new home, he would need to be watched closely and his training would need to be reinforced (in a positive manner). Corky is a delight in and a very sensitive soul who cowers when addressed with even just a loud voice.

BUDDY was found as a stray. His age was estimated to be about 3 or 4 years. After trying to find his owners, the finder finally decided to keep him. However, after six months, she was laid off and was unable to afford his food or medical. She decided to surrender him. We have him in care now. He has a rash on his belly that is related to allergies so we are treating that. So far he has been a very good boy and is getting along well with his foster sister. He has been on a short trip and even stayed overnight in a bed and breakfast. He did very nicely and was popular with the other guests. Buddy is now in his new home and doing well.

BUTCH is six years old. He lived with two young children who were perhaps allowed too much latitude in their behavior towards him. He tried but he could not tolerate them and finally bit the toddler. Butch came into foster care and has been an exceptionally good dog, fitting right in with the family and their Westie. He has also met and been good with children visiting in this home. Butch was adopted by his foster family

Wrigley is seven years old. His dad was allergic to him and the family had financial issues which meant they could no longer afford Wrigley’s medical care. Wrigley has rather severe skin issues and is now being treated as part of a drug study for a new product. Wrigley is a very nice little boy who will be a good pet once his skin is cleared up and he is no longer subjected to constant steroids. To date, he is recovering very quickly and has now been adopted

TYSON is two years old. He lived in a home with three children. He bit one of the children. The commotion of children seems to be more than he can handle. In foster care he did very well. He was rather timid but got along well. He has now been adopted and has a Westie sister to play with.


MICKEY is four years old. He was in a shelter because his mom had to go into a nursing home. He was adopted but he was sick and didn’t seem to be getting well. The couple who adopted him could not afford his continued medical care. With the shelter’s permission, they turned him over to us. Mickey has been a very sick boy. He has had abdominal surgery and has a congested lung. The folks at the Animal Medical Center of Troy have been wonderful to him and to us, caring for him for a week until he was able to go into foster care. Even in foster care he continued to require antibiotics and force feeding. As of mid October, he has recovered from his illness and has been adopted.

KATIE is back in rescue for the third time. She was surrender as a very young girl and placed but her family divorced and she came back to us. Then she was placed again but her dad recently died and she is again in foster care. Katie is a very nice girl. Whiel in foster care she began to have behavior issues and we were very worried about her. But it turned out she had anal gland problems which were giving her a lot of pain. After anal gland surgery, she has recovered nicely and regained her original sweet personality. At 5 years of age, we hope she will soon find her new home and it will be hers for the rest of her life. THE STORY WILL BE CONTINUED ON THE YEAR 2010 PAGE.

MAX came in to foster care from a home where he was severely neglected. His mom loved him but she developed Alzheimer’s and was unable to properly care for him or even recognize that her care wasn’t sufficient. Max came in as a sick and starving little guy but he is now doing much better.

KIRBY came to us when his sibling Westie bit a small child. Kirby wasn’t guilty but his family decided they should not have him around their grandchildren. Kirby came into Rescue and has been just the sweetest little boy. He has fit in and gets along well with everyone. He has now been adopted.

DAISEY age 5, came in to Rescue because her owners wanted to travel and she was frequently kenneled. She also barked too much and tended to be a “runner”. Daisy did very well in foster care in a home with three other Westies. She seems to have settled right in and began to charm her foster mom. Daisy has now been adopted.

MADDIE age 8, came into Rescue with her brother, Max (below). Their family went through a divorce and mom could not afford to take care of two dogs. So Maddie and Max need to find a new home. Maddie is a typical high-energy Westie. She had an ear infection which seems to be cleared up now. We hope to place her and her brother in the same home.

MAX age 8, and his sister Maddie, came into Rescue because their family was going through a divorce. Mom could simply not afford to keep them any longer. She was struggling to take care of her children’s needs and there was nothing left over to care for two dogs. The family was very sad to lose them but there wasn’t any choice. Max is a very laid back little boy. (Max is dressed up for Halloween.) We hope to place Max and Maddie together. THE STORY WILL BE CONTINUED ON THE YEAR 2010 PAGE.

TONY age 6 months, came into Rescue after he was dumped in a lady’s backyard. She had two dogs already and could not keep him. We believe Tony is a Westie/Maltese mix. He is a very sweet little boy who is very laid back for this age of a puppy. He is doing very well in his current foster home and, although he is not a pure Westie, you can certainly see the Westie in his face.

CHUMLEY age 9, was in Rescue about 4 years ago. He was adopted and led a very happy life with his “dad”. However dad recently passed and his family was unable to keep Chumley. So Chumley is back in care. He is a very gentle Westie and very loving. He is currently living with a 15 year old Westie and they do well together. He isn’t so happy about cats and would prefer a home without any cats in residence.

PETEY age 12, came into Rescue because the two-year-old he was living with was mistreating him. Mom couldn’t control the boy and she didn’t want Petey to have to live in this environment. Petey also had an extreme issue with a gassy tummy which made him very unpopular among the family’s children.
He arrived in Rescue on Friday and saw the vet on Saturday. He has been moving to a new food and perhaps the more relaxed environment has helped, but he has not had gas problems. He did have tape worms which may also have been a contributing factor. His ears are infected and he has a cracked tooth which will be pulled when he has his dental.
Petey’s new name is “Sweetie Petey” because he is absolutely sweet and happy. He gets along well with children, dogs, cats and everything else he has run into. Even the little boy who was kicking him did not succeed in getting him to bite. We hope we will find someone who will love to have this sweet little boy as part of their life. He deserves the best!

Rescues who were still in foster care at year end are shown with their names in red. Please go to Year 2010 to continue their stories. If you are interested in adopting, please do submit an application. CLICK HERE TO GO TO OUR RESCUE WEBSITE WHERE YOU CAN READ ABOUT HOW OUR RESCUE WORKS AND PRINT THE APPLICATION.