Officers and Committees

Board of Directors 9/2018
Beth Widdows, Christine Finkbeiner, Kate King
Susan Bloomfield, Jackie Curtis, Carole Beaudry



We are now officially incorporated in the  State of Michigan and have received our 501c3 tax status from the IRS.

President:  Beth Widdows
Secretary:  Kate King
Treasurer:  Jackie Curtis
Board of Directors:
– Carole Beaudry
– Chris Finkbeiner
– Susan Bloomfield
– Unfilled

Past Presidents:
Beth Widdows 2012-2013, June 2014-
Julie Risch 2013- May 2014

Surrender intakes:  Beth Widdows
Adoption Applications:  Beth Widdows
Volunteer Coordinator Applications:  Susan Bloomfield
Foster Home Support:  Susan Bloomfield
Foster Home Applications:  Susan Bloomfield
Treasurer:  Jackie Curtis
Reports:  Susan Bloomfield(mainly online)
Record Maintenance including Dog binders:   Susan Bloomfield
Annual Checkups:  Kate King
Petfinder Checking:  Carole Beaudry
Thank You Notes: Carole Beaudry
Mailing Dog packages:  Carole Beaudry
Petfinder:  Beth Widdows
Website:  Beth Widdows
Paypal Coordinator:  Jackie Curtis
Fundraiser product Mailing:  Beth Widdows

Co Chairs:
Sue Peters – Event organization
Carole Beaudry – Ad placements

Fundraising Committee:  (Volunteers are not limited to the specific functions listed after their names)
Carole Beaudry – belly bands, coats
Barb Engerer – Cards, misc. functions
Carole Ward – Craft Show organization, Crate Pads, coats
Beth Widdows – newsletter, Ebay Sales, ordering products and shipping

WebMaster for Rescue:  Beth Widdows