-Purchases for Foster dogs 1/14 (PDF)
Policies 2012 (Dog Limits, Biters, Liabilities, Special Circumstances, Age of Children, Fosters placing dogs) (Web page)
– Policy 1 7/21/12 (Foster homes)  (PDF)
Policy on Flowers 10/30/12 (PDF)
Policy on Photos 10/29/12 (PDF)
– Jan12013Breederltr (PDF)
– Foster Home Checks (PDF)
Foster Home Checks updated 12/14 (PDF)
Policies 2012 (Includes Dog Limits, Biters, Liability issues, Age of Children, Fosters Placing Dogs)
– Parade Schedule (PDF)
– Policy – Bringing in new dogs 3/13 (PDF)
– Surrender Process and Policy 10/13 (PDF)
Home Check Policy Updated 12/13 (PDF)
-Intact Dogs in Adopter Homs 7/14 (PDF)
-Purchases for Foster dogs 1/14 (PDF)
Zeutering 11/15 (PDF)
Policy Regarding Senior Dogs (PDF)
-Breeder Puppies needing Rescue (PDF)