We started out at a Rally trial where both were entered. When we were done with Rally, we checked out of the hotel and moved on to our friends’ home in Lake Ann.  Melissa and Denny along with their Westies, Brady and Cody invited us for the weekend.  They showed us their brand new home and the dogs enjoyed the fenced yard. 

On Sunday, we began a very busy day.  First we went to Lake Ann.  The dogs got to walk along a path through the woods and next to a lake, ending up at a river.  Because it was pretty unpopulated, we let them drag their leashes (a decision I had to question later!!). 

They enjoyed a little swim

Glennie and Cody became good pals

Molly was a little hunter

Everyone shared a good sniff!

Molly explores

And sniffs for critters

Molly and Glennie go into the river

What fun!

Now we are going back

Glennie looks around for his friends

They recalled very well except for this one place….must have been really special!

Parading down the trail!

The BIG adventure:

After this, we went home and cleaned up a bit.  Then got ready for our next outing.  Everyone was ready to go when someone opened the front door and the pack of dogs burst out.  They chased a chipmunk into the woods to the side of the front yard.  The resident dogs, dived in but came right back out.  The visiting city slickers just kept going after the chipmunk and disappeared!!   We found Glennie pretty quickly but Molly was gone!  What a scare.  For the next 15 minutes or so we searched the woods and prayed that she hadn’t gone in deep.  These woods are reputed to have bear, fox, cougars and who knows what else!  We called and called; we pushed through the brambles and there just was no sign of her.   Finally, Melissa called that she saw her!  Then I heard Denny saying, “SIT MOLLY!”.  I ran down there and Molly was sitting in a neighbor’s backyard.  She had just come out of the woods.  What a relief.  I thought perhaps she would be so scared she would stay right with me from then on, but later I realized that she wasn’t scared at all.  I believe she had a really good time and would do it again, given the chance!!  When I walked her back to the house, Glennie was watching the woods, sitting on his hind legs and begging towards the woods where he saw his mom and sister disappear earlier.  The poor boy was looking pretty frantic so I called him and he spotted us and calmed down. 

After a drink of water, we all piled into the car and drove to the state park nearby for a tourist drive and picnic.  Then we left there and went to a place called Empire for the “Empire Climb”.  This was a hike through the woods and up to an overlook of Lake Michigan and the dunes.  Believe me, all of these activities were done ON LEASH!! 

One pooped little fellow (Brady)

Glennie takes a water break

Then we went to the beach.  The dogs didn’t care much for the waves at Lake Michigan.  But Miss Molly found a really nice seaweed smell…..

And didn’t Brady think that was hilarious!!!!

Finally we went to a river to see where people were canoeing (but no, we didn’t try it) and then home.  The doggies were pretty pooped on the ride home….

Glennie was so thankful to have his sister back safe and sound, he slept “Totem” style with her!!!

The dogs all stayed home and rested while the people went out for dinner Sunday night and then on Monday morning, we headed back home!!  What a nice weekend we had (aside from Miss Molly’s little adventure).  We think maybe the city is a safer place for little girls like her!!!! )