Finny is an 11-month-old who is ALL PUPPY! His family was facing some health issues that were limiting their ability to care for him and they turned to Westie Rescue Michigan to find him a new forever home. He’s up to date on all his shots and is neutered. As a puppy, he will need a home where he can get the kind of attention and training that needs to become a super-duper family member.  Finny has been adopted and will have a great life with his new family.

Willow a 7-month-old who is turning into a sweet and sassy little girl. She came to Westie Rescue Michigan with a liver shunt (her liver wasn’t connected to correctly process the toxins that livers are supposed to process). This is a birth defect that can be corrected surgically and that’s how she ended up in our care. The originally scheduled surgery did not happen as she was too sick for the doctors to proceed. She had a few critical weeks in care but was able to get strong enough to have surgery several weeks later. She is still under doctor’s care but is improving. She has found her voice and westie spirit again. We are very encouraged by her progress and her prognosis is good but will require monitoring and potentially a special diet.  Willow just got a clean bill of health!  Her foster family, after nursing her through this crisis, has fallen in love with her and has adopted her.  

Ollie, a 6 year old boy, came to Westie-Rescue Michigan because he was not happy with the hub-bub teenagers can create and his owners were afraid he might nip someone. He is a healthy guy and behaved really well for his grooming appointment (as you can see from these photos). He has been to the vet and gotten a clean bill of health. Ollie is being fostered in a foster to adopt situation so he may already be home. Great News!! Ollie is a graduate of our Foster to Adopt program and he’s already home! Congrats to Ollie and his new Dad!


Lilly, a senior lady of 12, was surrendered to Westie Rescue Michigan because the other dogs in the home were not getting along with her. She’s doing well in her foster home where we’ve learned that she loves the snow and enjoys a good “snowplow” in the white stuff. She has been to the vet for a complete health work up and treatment of a minor ear infection. She’s having a ball meeting other dogs on walks and in pet stores and had what we believe to be her first encounter with a pet rabbit (in the pet store). She loves everyone she meets. While she might be a diva, she sure is a sweetheart and will make someone a great companion. Lilly was also a participant in our Foster to Adopt Program and she’s made the successful transition to a loving home.

Lillie Belle is a spunky 5-year-old. She was surrendered to Westie Rescue Michigan because her family had fallen on difficult times and could no longer care for her. She has some skin issues, but WRM (Westie Rescue Michigan) foster homes are accustomed to dealing with that and we expect her soon to be back to being as beautiful on the outside as she seems to be on the inside. She’s doing well with her amazing foster brother and is responding to the medicated baths and antibiotics her foster mom is administering. She will be available for adoption once we get her healthy again. Lillie Belle has made great progress on her recovery and was recently adopted. She’s got a new Mom; a new Westie brother and another rescue dog lives right next door. We just love happy endings