Maisey January 2019

Maisey came into foster care with some lung problems. She was diagnosed as having Westie Lung Disease. She sees a vet on a regular basis for Laser Therapy for this issue. Her new mom gets her there without fail and Maisey is doing well with her physical issues and more than well in her new home life.

Tucker Now and Before

Tucker 2019

Tucker arrived in foster care with skin issues caused by allergies. After a stay in his foster home, his condition improved considerably and he is now living the good life in his new forever home.

Wyatt June 2019  

Wyatt was in a shelter as a stray. His family found him but couldn’t pay to get him out. He had skin issues that were severe enough to cause hair loss. And he had a bad ear infection which took some time to heal. But eventually he overcame his issues and became a great foster buddy to the resident dog. And finally he found his forever home.

Monk August 2019

Monk’s mom and dad have passed and he was left with no home.  He was a previous foster dog and came back to us so we could find him a new home.  Monk is 13 years old.  He seems healthy but is getting hard of hearing and his sight is going, too.  He had a cyst on his butt that had to be removed.   After being in foster care for a month and having his medical issues taken care of, he was able to find a new family.  He does well with cats and has a cat in his new home as well as a Westie sister.  


Tinker and her brother, Teddy, came into Rescue when their Mom passed.  They needed a new home.  Both had a lot of hair loss from untreated allergies but after a short time with proper medical care, they are doing very well.  Both have found new homes and are ready to start their new lives.

Happy came into foster care when her owners were unable to spend enough time with her.  They felt she would be happier in another home.  Happy is 12 years old.  This is an initial photo before grooming.