Adoption Application (NEW) PDF

This section contains all of the forms we use for Rescue.  Forms which have been updated and/or reviewed are noted as “NEW“.  At the bottom we have included “Guidelines”.

–  Foster Home volunteer App WORD 2020
–  Foster Home volunteer App PDF 2020
–  Volunteer nonfostering WORD 2020
–  Volunteer nonfostering PDF 2020
–  Adoption Application WORD 10/22/22
–  Adoption Application PDF 10/22/22

Adoption Contract WORD 92018
Adoption Contract PDF 92018
Foster Care Contract WORD 92018
–  Foster Care Contract PDF 92018
Surrender Contract WORD 92018
–  Surrender Contract PDF 92018
Limitations WORD 92018
  Limitations PDF 92018
–  Shelter Release Form PDF 92018
Temporary Care Contract PDF 92018
Transport Agreement PDF 92018

–  Behavior Checklist PDF 92018
–  Exposure Checklist PDF 92018
Medical Checklist PDF 92018
Adopter Checklist PDF 92018

Home Check Form PDF 92018
Information for Adopters WORD 92018 (Use when placing the dog with an adopter)
Information for Adopters PDF 92018
Information for Foster Home WORD 92018 (Use when transferring dog to a new foster home)
Information for Foster Home PDF 92018

Will Attachment Form WORD 92018
Will Attachment Form PDF 92018


Mentor Guidelines PDF 92018
Interview Call Guidelines PDF 92018