These are the puppies that come from puppy mills. They are taken from their moms and littermates without any thought to their health or social needs. They are sold to pet stores and kept in small cages. People come into these pet stores and think, ‘They are so cute and in need of a home’. They buy these little, often unhealthy, unsocialized pups.

People look at them and buy without really knowing anything about the breed. Many of these poor babies end up in rescue, or often worse. Some become so ill that they just die because of the poor breeding and horrendous circumstances that they were born in.

When people purchase these dogs, they usually have a big surprise when they take them into the vet for their first visit. They often have severe problems and their owners spend their lives trying to give them the best care that they can.

Or use a search engine and type in pet store puppies….you will rethink and hopefully do some research before you buy a puppy.

Please watch this video!