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Everything you always wanted to know about PM’s*
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Have you ever wondered where those cute little puppies at pet stores come from? Ever wondered where they were born and what their parents looked like? Ever wondered why they look so sad and seem to have lost all hope? Well, just about all of them came from commercial dog breeders, commonly known as “puppy mills.”

 Picture this:

A run down house or trailer with some old dilapidated out buildings, filth and disarray beyond belief, with the stench immediately taking your breath away. Inside these buildings (or hidden outside of public view) are ramshackle old cages housing dogs of all ages. The cages, with their chicken-wire floors, are often stacked one on top of the other with the waste just dropping through from cage to cage. The heat or cold is never considered.

Looking into the cages, you will find adult dogs and puppies together. All must compete for the food or water, if any is available. The females are allowed to be with the males at all times, so when they are “in season” a breeding will take place as soon as possible. After all, the more puppies, the more money to be made. When their uterus turns to “mush” after about six litters, just kill them and get another. No big deal to these puppy mill operators. As they will tell you, “Hell, they’re only dogs!”

These puppies (and adults) never know love or the gentle touch of a caring hand. Most are terrified of people as no socialization has occurred whatsoever. MOST suffer from skin or respiratory diseases and the ammonia fumes from the urine has caused blindness in many. ALL suffer from despair

Most of the puppies that survive are sold to “puppy brokers” who gather them up like so much produce and then supply the retail pet stores. These brokers of living creatures are as sensitive and compassionate as the puppy mill operators themselves. The name of the game is simple…MONEY!

The State of Missouri leads our nation as the “Puppy Mill Capital.”  In fact, one of the largest brokerage operations in the world, located in Missouri, sells over 900 puppies PER WEEK. They are shipped in their specially equipped transporters to retail outlets all over the nation by their “caring” drivers. You can just imagine.

If the puppies arrive at the stores dead or dying , they are considered “damaged goods” and are thrown away. They are never given away to someone who would try to help them. That is “bad for business“. And if they grow out of the cute puppy stage before some unsuspecting customer buys them, they may simply be sold to a medical research lab. After all, you can get $90 for them–and that is what really counts!

And now you know about puppy mills and don’t have to ask.  Please help us rid our wonderful country of these barbaric dens of death and despair.

Be a Voice for the Voiceless…our companion animals need your help.

Puppy mills breed MISERY. Boycott stores that sell pets!

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