SNAIL MAIL THE APPLICATION We ask that you mail in the application form even though you have email so that we can have your original signature on file with the information you have supplied. NOTE: The $25 donation is just that…a donation. You gain nothing from it other than the good feeling that you are helping out a Westie in need. It gives you no guarantees. Being a donation, it is non-refundable.

FIRST APPLICATION OR REVISED APPLICATION It helps us internally to know so that we don’t end up with duplicate applications, reference checks etc. If you have already sent in a $25 donation, we don’t expect you to send this in twice.

  1. DESIRED AGE RANGE OF WESTIE The older the dog you are willing to take, the faster you are likely to get a dog; dogs 8 years and up are very hard to place even though Westies typically live into their mid-teens. If you limit your age range to only very young dogs, you will miss out on many wonderful dogs.
  2. DESIRED SEX OF WESTIE You may only be interested in one sex; however if you show “either”, you will of course be considered for many more placements than if you limit it to one sex. (Note: About 75% of the dogs we get are male; most applicants want a female.) Please answer this question with an actual age range and not a generic “young” or other undefined response.
  3. WILL YOU CONSIDER A DOG WITH MORE THAN MINOR MEDICAL CONDITIONS? Many Westies will have allergies to some degree. We consider this minor. But some have significant allergies or a requirement for ongoing medication to control a medical condition such as Addison’s Disease. Like all dogs, many will develop problems as they age. These dogs still need homes and love. Answering “yes” to this question does not commit you. It simply means we will offer you these dogs. After we describe the issue, you are free to accept or not, with no negative impact. REMEMBER: This is a rescue…the dogs in need aren’t usually the perfect two year olds!! Will you consider a dog with more than a minor medical condition? This reflects the real purpose of rescue-to help dogs who otherwise might not find a home. If you answer “yes”….BLESS YOU!


  1. PLEASE LET US KNOW WHY YOU WANT TO ADOPT A WESTIE? This question helps us determine if you really want a Westie or if we might help you with contacts for other breeds. It is best for the dogs if the adopters really know that a Westie is the right dog for them.
  2. DO YOU RENT, OWN: HOUSE ETC. IF RENTING, HAS YOUR LANDLORD GIVEN PERMISSION…? This allows us to help you think about how you are going to house the dog. And, to make sure you get permission for the dog if necessary. A move is hard on a dog and it would create stress for both you and the dog if the dog had to be re-homed because your landlord doesn’t want the dog there. We want to be sure before we make the placement. (We will ask for proof that the landlord approves; we will do a home check.)
  3. DO YOU HAVE A FENCED YARD/TYPE OF FENCE/PEN AND; IF NO FENCE, HOW WILL YOU EXERCISE THE DOG? Westies do best if they have a fenced area to use outside. It protects the Westie and gives it some freedom. Other arrangements can work but must be thought out. Westies will chase a squirrel out of the yard even if the Westie has been well trained. Electric fences as a first “defense” are not a good idea either. Staked dogs must be watched because other animals and children can come in and bother a defenseless dog. Walks are good but the dog has to go out more than once a day. PLEASE NOTE: We will not agree to an arrangement where the dog is allowed off leash outside a fenced area even though you are there with the dog; even though you live in the country on a lot of acreage; even though there are no busy roads near you, etc. The dog MUST BE IN A FENCED AREA OR ON LEASH AT ALL TIMES, PERIOD. Dogs on tie-outs must be watched; they are defenseless on a tie-out against anything that might attack them. You can read more about it at WESTIE EDUCATION INFORMATION ON FENCING.
  4. WHERE WILL THIS WESTIE STAY DURING THE DAY; WHERE WILL THE DOG SLEEP AT NIGHT; WILL THE DOG BE CRATED? This is to insure the dog is treated as an indoor dog; and to flag potential problems (for example, a dog who has always slept in his owner’s bed might take quite an adjustment period if you intend to crate at night). We prefer that dogs be provided a crate and that it be used at least enough for the dog to be accepting of it throughout his life. This can be critical, especially if the dog later becomes ill and has to be hospitalized. Please keep in mind that there are many “doggie daycare” facilities. This offers a good option to those who work. DAYCARE INFORMATION. Some adopters hire a dog walker to come in at noon and spend some time with the dog.
  5. PLEASE LIST NAMES AND AGES OF ALL RESIDENTS IN THE HOME. Some dogs need to go to an adult only home; some dogs deal well with children above a certain age (usually around age 10); some dogs need a home with no pets or without certain types of pets. This helps us eliminate homes that won’t be suitable for a certain dog. Note: We don’t adopt to families with children under the age of ten or to people who anticipate having children during the lifespan of the dog. We also restrict from households with frequently visiting children such as grandchildren.
  6. DO YOU HAVE YOUNG (UNDER AGE 10) FREQUENTLY VISITING CHILDREN?One of the most common reasons for getting a dog into Rescue is “children”. Not all Westies do well with children. Westies often are not patient with them. You may need to crate your dog or confine them to a room where the children cannot bother them.
  7. DOES YOUR CITY/COUNTY RESTRICT THE NUMBER OF PETS IN A HOME? We must abide by all laws. We cannot place a dog if that will put your numbers above those allowed by your legal jurisdiction. Please check this out and fill in the information.
  8.  LIST THE NAMES, AGES, SPECIES OR BREED OF ANY PETS IN THE HOME.  Please be detailed. Westies are hunters. They are bred to hunt and kill critters. We need to know in detail what kinds of animals are in your home.
  9. WHO WILL BE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CARE OF THIS WESTIE? ARE YOU WILLING TO TAKE CARE OF THIS WESTIE FOR ITS ENTIRE LIFE? We want to be sure you realize how long Westies live; we don’t want to get the dog back for re-homing because you didn’t expect it to be so long-lived. Many live to age 15 and some have lived into their 20’s. Your home should be this dog’s forever home. If you do not want to make this commitment, you should not consider adoption.
  10. REFERENCES ARE REQUIRED We DO VET CHECKS!! We do contact your personal reference(s). If you have pets currently or have recently lost a pet, PLEASE DO PROVIDE THE VET NAME AND TELEPHONE NUMBER ALONG WITH THE PET NAME(S), BREED AND DATE OF DEATH OF DECEASED PETS. Then provide one personal reference. If you have no pets and, therefore, no vet, please provide two personal references along with phone numbers. (Remember phone numbers so we can reach them and not delay your application.)

Westies have been known to fall into pools and not be able to find a way out. Can you imagine a Westie swimming until it is exhausted and then drowning? What an awful way to die. We don’t want this to happen to any Westie much less a “rescued” Westie. And we hear a story like this almost every summer.

Please consider the effects of second-hand smoke on the dog and take steps to protect them (e.g., air cleaners, smoking only in areas not available to the dog, etc.) Also, please understand that this may limit the availability of some dogs.

These dogs are your family. Just as you would make arrangements for the care of your children, you should want to make sure your dogs are cared for. The contract for the rescued Westie requires that you return it to Rescue should you no longer be able to care for it. But you may suggest your desired placement for that dog. We will ask the person to apply and check him/her out just as we do you. If they meet our requirements, they will be given priority for the placement. If not, we will take the dog back into Rescue and place it in an approved home. You will be asked to keep the Rescue contact information with your important papers such as your will along with instructions that we be contacted.

13.  HOW DID YOU LEARN ABOUT WESTIE RESCUE? Every bit of information helps us understand you better. This leads to our ability to make a better match between you and the Westie we hope is waiting for you.