Volunteer Areas

PART 1  (Transporters)

*What area are you willing to cover if the dog requires transportation? *
In an emergency would you take others that did not fit the criteria above?
Will you agree to follow all rules and to inform Rescue, prior to the transport, if there is a requirement stated that you do not feel you can follow? *
Do you understand that a commitment to transport is often critical to the dog’s ultimate safety and cannot lightly be broken? You will always make every effort to keep your commitment and to inform Rescue as soon as possible if you cannot keep it. *

PLEASE NOTE: We are unable to place a dog who has bitten an adult and broken the skin. We will almost surely have to put it down. Therefore it is essential that we be very careful and not put a frightened dog into a position where it might bite if it is avoidable. (Note: We do our best to not accept aggressive dogs but it could happen. See our limitations statement under the Surrender Button on the website.)

PART 2: REFERENCES (All Volunteers)

Please list 3 references who can attest to your suitability as a pet owner, and more specifically, a volunteer for Westie Rescue. If you own any pets now, please include your vet as a reference.




By submitting this form, I attest that, to the best of my knowledge, the above information is accurate and complete at the time of signing, and I understand that falsely provided information can mean that my application will be terminated.

Note: You are advised to consider carrying an individual umbrella liability policy of at least $1 million; it is a very inexpensive form of protection. While we have never been sued for anything related to rescue, it is always better to be protected. Also, be sure your own dog’s shots are up to date, including Bordetella and that your dog is on a heartworm preventative. If you are fostering, you might want to consider using a brand such as Sentinel which kills various internal parasites that new fosters might bring in. A photostatic copy of this executed document shall be considered as valid as the original.