All around the country, there are doggie daycares that will care for your dog while you are at work, on vacation, or on a business trip. You pick your day(s) and time(s). This can be helpful to working people who carry the guilt of leaving their dog home alone all day. These daycares offer the dog a chance to socialize with other dogs, and to interact with the people who run them. Dogs are social animals and enjoy interacting with other dogs. They get their much-needed exercise and usually fall asleep in the car on their way home. Not only do they socialize with the other dogs and get their exercise, but they also become less fearful towards strangers and become more self-assured. Best of all this allows you to go about your day without the guilt of leaving your dog alone for long hours.

Some of doggie daycares offer grooming, dog walks and training as well. They work just like daycare centers, in the morning you drop off your dog then pick them up later in the day.

Submitted by: Janice Collins

What You Should Look For:

  • Is it clean? Does it look clean and smell clean?
  • How secure are the play areas?
  • What is the adult supervision ratio?
  • What type of dog-related experience do the employees have?
  • Do they require complete and updated shot records?
  • Do they require your vets’ information?
  • Do they have a vet on call that is nearby?
  • Do they have an area for quiet time?
  • Do they have toys for them to play with?
  • Is fresh water provided through out the day?
  • Do they have separate areas for large and small dogs?
  • Do they provide indoor and outdoor play areas?
  • Do they require all dogs to be spayed or neutered?

Doggie Day Care is a good place for socialization. As you can see Sophie, the Westie is taking good care of Cory, the Pit Bull puppy. Cory was no doubt taken from his mother a little too early but he is a very social little guy. He found Sophie to be a good “cuddler”. Looks like once a mother always a mother. Sophie was rescued by Janice Collins. She now has a rescue brother Tiger, with whom she does not “cuddle”. At home Sophie is the “boss”.



It is your responsibility to thoroughly check out the facility. Stop in without an appointment. Stop in at different times of the day. Ask for references. Talk to the employees. Watch them to see how they interact with the dogs.

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