You can use the Paypal button, go directly into Paypal  (this method avoids fees), or you can mail in a cash donation.  You can also set up a tribute to a person or dog with your donation using the link below.  If you can’t afford a larger donation right now, you might want to help out by sending us some stamps to help with our mailing costs.  All directions are below.

WE ARE NOW AN APPROVED 501C3 ORGANIZATION!!!!!  This approval is retroactive to August 2012 when we incorporated as a non-profit with the State of Michigan.  If you provide your name and address with your donation, we will send you a card with the appropriate information for your tax records.  Please direct any questions on this to our Treasurer, Jackie Curtis.     Email:

PLEASE NOTE:  Many corporations will match, double or triple your donation if you are an active or retired employee. Please check!



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PAYPAL DIRECT:  (Avoid Fees)

If you prefer to go to Paypal without the link, following this instruction, they do not take a fee from your donation. (We did verify with Paypal that using this method is legitimate.)


1. Go to
2. Either sign in, or sign up.
3.When it asks who you want to send money to, put in or choose the email address: “”.
4. Choose PERSONAL. It is this option that avoids the fee. We have checked with Paypal and it is legitimate to send a donation this way.
5. Choose GIFT.
6. Enter the amount you want to donate and hit send. Thank you for your full donation!


If you would like to mail a donation, please send it to:

Westie Rescue 12460 Pamela Court, Hartland, MI 48353

Make checks payable to: Westie Rescue Michigan, Inc.


Donations made to Westie Rescue in honor of a special person or a much loved pet deserve special notice.  Please go to “Reggie’s Page”  by clicking on this link or using the menu above.  There you will see many years of memorials and instructions on how to connect your donation with this special tribute.


If you wish to provide support to Westie Rescue Michigan, Inc. by leaving a bequest in your will, below is the information you need to provide to your Estate Planner:

Corporation Name:  Westie Rescue Michigan, Inc

Corporation Address:  12460 Pamela Ct.
                                         Hartland, MI 48353

Tax ID: 46-0787009

Let your planner know that, because we do not have a physical location, this address may change by the time a distribution is made.  They may want to note somewhere that they must verify the address before distribution.  This can be done by checking with the state or by checking this website.


We use a LOT of stamps! A great way to help out without too much pain, is to send us a book of Forever Stamps whenever you buy one for yourself. Please send them to:

Westie Rescue Michigan 1283 Boichot Road Lansing, MI 48706

Include your name and address so we can use one of them to say, “Thanks!”

DONATIONS ARE SIMPLE! We could never keep going at the level we do without generous donations from our supporters. We typically spend over $25,000  for medical expenses alone.  We have no employees and do not pay any of our volunteers.   We truly appreciate every little bit of help we receive from people like you.

Lauren is a young girl who has twice now raised funds for Westie Rescue Michigan.  This time she made and sold decorations.  She sent us $62 which is enough to pay for a dog’s vaccinations; or to get a dog groomed and buy him a collar and leash!  Donations don’t have to be huge.  If Lauren can do this for our Westies, so can you!!!!


THANK YOU for your generosity. A lot of little white dogs will be very grateful for their care.