Email contacts at

APPLICATIONS TO ADOPT: Jackie Curtis  586-481-5477  (before 8pm)
This is your first contact for Westie Rescue. If you have questions after reading the “Applications” link to the left, contact Jackie.   See notes below.

FOSTER HOME COORDINATOR: Susan Bloomfield 810-399-8388 (before 8pm) is our foster home coordinator so contact her if you are interested in fostering for us.

SURRENDERS:  Susan Bloomfield 810-399-8388 (Call before 8pm)
Susan is the person to contact if you have a dog you need to surrender.


GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATIONS:  We seldom place outside of the state. Occasionally a harder to place dog may find a home in a neighboring state but due to the difficulties in enforcing contracts, doing home visits, getting the dog transported back to us if the adoption doesn’t work out, etc., it is rare that a dog would go to a distant state or Canada.

AGE LIMITATIONS:  We NEVER place a rescued westie with children under the age of ten.  This doesn’t mean your child won’t be good with Westies.  But frequently rescued Westies are not good with children.  Many of the rescues come to us due to issues with children.   And some may be great with the family children but overly protective about them around their friends.   We cannot make exceptions no matter how wonderful and well-mannered and mature your children are. If you must put a westie with your young children, please consider buying a puppy from a responsible breeder who is breeding for good temperament; then plan on spending as much time raising your puppy as you do your children.

TWO DOGS TOGETHER:  We will often take two dogs but we do not ever promise to keep them together.  While we understand why you would want that, it just isn’t very feasible to do it.  We will often have to split the dogs up while in foster care and at that time we try to see how they do separately.  Sometimes they actually do better separated.  But if we find a home that will take two dogs and we can place them together, we sometimes are able.  No guarantees.