If you are interested in adopting from Westie Rescue – MI, please read this page carefully before proceeding.

Please know that Westies are often not good with young children. Westies were bred to hunt and kill critters. They are not typically quiet, laid back little dogs who will allow children to pull hair and otherwise annoy them. Probably about half of the dogs who come in to us arrive because they are not doing well with the children or this is a secondary issue mentioned in the interview. If you have children under the age of ten OR if you anticipate having children during the lifespan of the dog OR if you expect to have children visiting frequently, we recommend you choose another breed better suited to children. If you insist on having a Westie along with children, please go to a responsible breeder.

Click on the appropriate link for more information on:
Westies and Children
Breeder Referral

To adopt from Westie Rescue Michigan, you must agree to never allow your dog to be outside, off lead, in an unfenced area.

The “Ellen” Rule DOES apply to our process.: You must agree to never give your adopted dog away or sell your dog. If you cannot keep the dog for any reason, you must return the dog to Westie Rescue Michigan. You may not take the dog to the shelter. You may not give the dog to a relative.
You will never quite get rid of us. We will check back with you frequently during the first six months to see how things are going; we will check back annually for the life of the dog; we will invite you to be a part of a Rescue Parade at our Annual Specialty in the spring following the adoption year. We ask that you keep us informed of any email or address/phone number changes so we don’t lose you. We are always here for questions and assistance with issues.

Remember that one of us has lived with your dog for some time as a family member. We have grown to love your dog and we want to hear from you about the dog and to see photos. Please keep in touch!


GEOGRAPHICAL LIMITATIONS:  We seldom place outside of the state. Occasionally a harder to place dog may find a home in a neighboring state but due to the difficulties in enforcing contracts, doing home visits, getting the dog transported back to us if the adoption doesn’t work out, etc., it is rare that a dog would go to a distant state.

AGE LIMITATIONS:  We NEVER place a rescued westie with children under the age of ten.  This doesn’t mean your child won’t be good with Westies.  But frequently rescued Westies are not good with children.  Many of the rescues come to us due to issues with children.   And some may be great with the family children but overly protective about them around their friends.   We cannot make exceptions no matter how wonderful and well-mannered and mature your children are. If you must put a westie with your young children, please consider buying a puppy from a responsible breeder who is breeding for good temperament; then plan on spending as much time raising your puppy as you do your children.


Adoption Application

Before downloading the application, please be sure to read this document:

Adoption Application PDF 92018

Please print this application, fill it out and send it in.
YOU MAY NOT SEND IT IN VIA THE INTERNET. We do want to receive the application in the mail with your signature on the form.