Before you get a foster dog, please review the information below. 


– FH4 FH4 Finding homes
– FH10 Dog Arrival
– FH13  EMail List
– Skin issues  (See “Medical”)
– Booster Shots (See “Medical”)
– FH15 FH15 Photos
– FH16 Regular Updates
– FH17 Petfinder

– Microchips
Your vet will either register the chip for you or provide you with the appropriate paperwork.

PAPERWORK   (Find all forms under “Major Forms” in this document)
Medical Care Checklist
Adopter Checklist
Information for Foster Home (Use when dog goes to another foster home)
Temporary Care Contract (Use when having someone else watch the dog)
Home Check for Westie Rescue
FH9 Followup Calls