When  you foster a dog, you will receive a package for the dog.  It will contain many items and you will add to them.  The checklist for adopters will tell you what goes into this package.  Go through the package and your additions and make sure everything is there and in order for the adopter prior to the adoption.


Checklist for Adopters



This section will provide expanded information to the items on the Checklist for adopters.  As we see a need to describe something more fully, it will be added here.


MEDICAL RECORDS – If you receive medical records from the person who surrenders the dog, make a copy of them with all identifying information removed.  This copy goes into the adopter folder. Your vet can use the originals and can make copies but orignals must be returned so you can send them on to the Coordinator.

Obtain a copy of each detailed bill/receipt from your vet.  Send one to the T/D (Treasurer/Delegate) so she can pay bills.  Send one to the Coordinator.  Put one in the folder for the adopter.  Pay using our credit card, adding to the account at AMC-Troy where the T/D will pay it…or (last choice) pay it yourself and request reimbursement. 

Always ask your vet for a Rescue Discount. 

Make sure you get copies of any blood panels, tests results; and ask for certificates, e.g, spay/neuter, vaccinations.

HEARTWORM:  Two Sentinel will come to you in the package.  We buy a dozen at a time so get a better price this way and would prefer you use the Sentinel.  If you use another kind, please return the Sentinel to Carole. 

MICROCHIPS:  If the vet charges you for registration, have them hold the papework until the dog is adopted.  At that time, call the vet with the adopter information and let them register it.  This is often the case with Home Again.  (If they won’t hold it, then take the paperwork so you or the Coordinator can register it but DO NOT pay the registration fee a second time.)

If you are charged for the chip only, the vet should provide you with the paperwork to register it.  In this case, the Coordinator will register it and pay the fee after the dog is adopted.  You will need to give that paperwork and information to the Coordinator.  (Usually the case with AVID)