While we think all of our dogs are “Special”, there is a category of dogs who are expecially so.  These are our dogs who have a hard time finding a home, usually due to age and/or health.  We would like to introduce you to those we consider “Special”.   If you might have room in your heart for one of these dogs, please let us know.  We will still require an application but unlike the other dogs, you can apply specifically for one of these dogs.  We will put in detailed write ups on each of these dogs so that you can see them and learn as much as possible about them before applying.  If you are serious about adopting one of these dogs, we will be happy to ask our vet to talk to your vet so that you can get an independent medical opinion from someone you trust.  Our behaviorist is also very willing to talk to you about the dog you are interested in to help you evaluate the impact of the particular dog’s needs on your and your home.


 Click on the link or photo of the dog you are interested in learning more about:

Bailey – Special needs due to medical conditions.

Groomer photosm