This section covers the information required by the foster home.


A.  RESCUE BINDER – Print this for each dog you foster.  Print it at the start of the foster and
keep it up as you go.  Do not wait until the end and then prepare it.  A major point of using this binder is so every bit of information that relates to the dog is kept together in one place.  In a move, emergency or planned, all you have to do is pick up the binder and send it with the dog.  Whoever has the dog will have all of the dog’s information, especially his medical information.

B.  BECOMING A FOSTER HOME – This section contains information to help you as a foster home.  It isn’t necessary to print them and they are not a part of the dog binder but you should read them and be familiar with them.

C.  MAJOR FORMS – This section contains all of the forms we use as a rescue.

D.  MISC ARTICLES – This section contains various articles we have found to be useful over the years.  They do not need to be printed but should be read.

E.  MEDICAL –  This section contains information related to medical for the dogs.  This does not need to be printed but should be read.

F.  SURRENDER – This is for information so you will be aware of what has happened on the surrender side and what you should anticipate coming with the dog.  Since you may meet the surrendering party during transporting, you should be aware of the information, especially the first article about not making commitments to keeping people informed as to what is happening with the dog they are surrendering.   (Note:  Where it says “Jean”, please know that this is the surrender coordinator who is currently Beth.)