The definition of “Puppy Mill” is different depending upon who you are asking. For our purposes, we will define it this way:

A puppy mill is a large scale breeding operation. While there are some that are relatively clean, there are far too many that are dirty and filthy, not fit for any type of livestock to live in much less an animal who is going to eventually be sold for a house pet. Puppy mills seldom take appropriate care in proper breeding. The only concern is to produce as many puppies as possible and to turn them around as quickly as possible to get the best financial return.

Please take a look at this section of our Education Site: Puppy Mills 

Most rescued Westies were originally purchased at Pet Stores or from backyard breeders who got their breeding stock from pet stores. So it is natural to wonder why we encourage the adoption of rescue dogs over the purchase of pet store dogs. The answer is actually pretty simple. Most pet stores get their dogs from puppy mills. We discourage everyone from spending one penny that will go to encourage a puppymiller to produce another puppy. The Westies in Rescue are already here. They were purchased sometime in the past. Your adoption will not put a cent into the hands of a puppy mill. Please either adopt or, if you must have a puppy, buy from a responsible breeder. A good resource to find a responsible breed is the national breed club, in this case

The West Highland White Terrier Club of America .