We are frequently asked about purchasing puppies and finding responsible breeders.  Of course, we would like everyone to consider rescuing but there are not a lot of puppies available through Rescue.  We recommend that if you are interested in a puppy and would consider rescuing, that you put your application in.  If a puppy comes in you will be considered.  And if you buy a puppy before we have one to offer to you, you can always cancel that application.  (Please do remember to call us and cancel if that happens!)

We do not make recommendations of Breeders.  We do suggest you check with the national club or the local club * since those breeders are bound by a Code of Ethics which you can read right on the website.  But more importantly, we suggest you go to the Westie Education Center  and look at the menu item “Breeders“.  There are several sub menu items.  We suggest you read them all but particularly “Responsible Breeders”.   It gives you good information and refers you to sites that give a lot of good advice to the puppy buyer.    They will give you a better understanding of where to look, what questions to ask, what red flags to look for and what to expect. 

*If you are not in Michigan, go to the National Club and find the Club closest to you or look at the National Club breeder listings. While you are there, read the information they provide. 

Please be very careful about  picking a breeder.  And be sure to read the articles linked to the San Francisco Club website.   Always ask the breeder about a contract and be sure that they will stand behind their puppies.  A breeder should require that you return the dog to them if you cannot keep it, at any age.  They won’t pay you for it but they should always be willing to take it back.  A good breeder does not want their dogs to end up in a shelter, a puppy mill, a home they haven’t checked out, or even in Rescue.  They raise their puppies because they love them and care enough about them to want to know they are being cared for, for their entire life.  Don’t give your money to someone who washes their hands of you and the puppy as soon as you walk out of the door. 

Best of luck in your puppy.  DO YOUR RESEARCH!!

Westie 101