I have known Molly Widdows almost all her life.  I remember when I found the club online and Melissa Taetsch and Beth invited Casey and me over to Melissa’s house for lunch and a birthday party for Casey.  They had cupcakes, party hats and everything for the dogs.  That is when I first met Molly.  What a wonderful life she had with a mother who just doted on her.  She did obedience and agility.  And later she fell in love with Earthdog and Tracking.  She just loved Earthdog.  I am sure she is up in heaven chasing rats.  And she was such a good foster sister.  But for the longest time, she was always glad to see them go so she could have her mom all to herself.  Then Glennie came to Beth and Molly to be healed.  He became Molly’s brother and it was just ment to be that Glennie be adopted by Beth and Molly.  Then Molly became a photographer’s model and went all the way to Indiana for photo shoots.  She was in magazines and on calendars.  She also was on the front page of the Detroit Newspaper.  I am not sure she enjoyed dressing up in the cute costumes her mom made as much as her mom liked them, but Molly always struck a pretty pose for the camera.  Jake came to live with them as a very sick puppy and then there were the 3 of them.  They joined Rock and Roll Canines and were a hit at the shows with them.  Then in her senior years, she became a stage star and shared the role of Toto in the Wizard of Oz with Glennie.  Molly was on stage most of the time, but Glennie loved the fact that he got to get the hot dogs from Professor Marvel (The Wizard).  Molly continued to be active her whole life.  She was out at Earthdog this summer having fun chasing down the rats.  Molly was a very special little girl with a huge personality.  She will be very much missed by all who knew her.  

 God Bless you, Molly.



Ms. Molly Marie sure did “do it HER WAY”! That is how she lived and how she went to the Bridge. BTW, not only did Ms. Molly always do things her way…she was a Master at getting everyone else to do things her way!

I remember that years and years and years ago….Molly was the one who taught me that there are “extraordinarily special” Foster Siblings. By this, I mean that Molly just KNEW immediately what each and every foster NEEDED and WHEN they were ready for the lessons she knew they would need to move forward in life. There were times she would signal us that a foster was not well or had some infection or something. Took us some time to realize she was doing this and how she signaled this. But, she was perfect at it. It never ceased to amaze me how she knew precisely what the emotional needs of each foster was. And, she was flawless. I remember several times asking, okay…”what is Molly showing us?”, as a key to understanding this or that in a particular foster.

To this day, I don’t know how she taught Glennie how to do his “special Glennie lessons” for the fosters. But, Glennie learned his role to perfection and was invaluable at his “fostering responsibilities”!

After Molly taught me about the “Most Special Foster sibling” phenomena…I was able to pick up on it with others through the years.

Her hunting titles, performances, and ongoing saga…pretty much defines her. Goodness, wasn’t it just a short time ago she managed to get herself off the deck and into the yard to HUNT!

MS. MOLLY MARIE was truly one of the most amazing and remarkable dogs I have ever had the please of knowing and loving!!! The “life lessons” she shared with so many…she taught us well!

There are NO WORDS to begin to describe the level of grief you are feeling. BUT, my gosh Beth, you spent the last year making the most amazing MEMORIES with and for your girl. And, certainly hers (and Glennie’s) performances on stage in The Wizard of Oz…I was and still am astonished at the depth of her performance. Truly, it was just breathtaking…even for those of us who knew Molly and her endless and boundless talents!! 

My heart and prayers go out to you, Beth. For sure, Molly had a “Royal Escort” to the Bridge!!!!

Hugs & love,

Deb Duncan


Beth, your tribute to Molly is just beautiful. She wasn’t just your beloved companion, she was your working partner, you achieved so much together and this makes the loss even more difficult. She has packed a piece of your heart and soul and taken it with her and left a bit of hers behind for you. She will always be one of the most inspirational Westies I have ever had the honor of meeting.

In deepest sympathy,

Jane Fink


Dear Beth….when I saw Molly Marie for the first time she took my breath away. I thought she was the prettiest little Westie girl ever, and I still think so! I am so sorry she lost her battle. What a brave girl. I for one, and I know I speak for many will never forget her. She was dear beyond words and as her “auntie” I
loved her very much. You were so lucky to share your life with her. Hugs to both you and little Jake.

Marlene Marsh


Precious perfection of a girl…fly high and free Molly. You were and are a blessing.

Monica Segal


We remember the day you got Molly. We all loved her and the things she would do at those parties, especially at the one Xmas party when all the Westie’s where running around and Molly was sitting under the Xmas tree with her Xmas Carol outfit, this is what I called it, on watching them. You take care Beth and Molly will always be in our thoughts. 

Love you Molly!

Chet & Sue


It is difficult to type with water coming out of your eyes…beautiful, beautiful Molly.. one of the first Westies I ‘met’ on the dog groups, after Luther came into our lives…so many years, we’ve enjoyed the pictures, the stories…the pictures…the outfits…the pictures…I truly believe our beloved pets will be there to welcome us…our hearts are connected by the love we share for these LWDs…RIP Sweet Molly…heartfelt hugs to you, Beth…God’s peace and
comfort to you..

Dora Carter


I’m so sorry for your loss of Molly. Even though It was inevitable- still we never want to let them go. they leave a huge hole in our heart when they leave. Molly was such a special little girl and so beautiful too- she was exceptional. You were very blessed to have her 15+ years and I know that you know that too.  But it’s never long enough, that we know.

There will never be another Molly. You gave her your heart and she gave hers to you- there is no greater love. A true life treasure.

Both Molly and Glennie were exceptional and such loving Westies. They were so good to my Winnie. I feel so sad that she has lost her best friends.

I’m so thankful that you did not have to make that hardest decision- and that she was HOME. You gave her the best life Beth and you are truly wonderful with all the Westies that you have helped and continue to do so- it has always amazed me about that special gift you have connecting with them. Winnie still remembers all the tricks you and Molly and Glennie taught her.

Deepest sympathy Beth- Words are so inadequate for your loss. Know that you are in our hearts.

Your friends always-

Dee and Winnie


So sorry Beth, Molly was amazing. I loved watching her at a show. You could tell she loved you and if you wanted her to heel, well even though she probably thought why, she did it.  Now getting Rats that makes sense.

Helen Roth


Today I turned on the computer to send you an email and I felt your tears and heart breaking in your beautiful and loving tribute to Miss Molly Marie.  That little girl was loved tremendously!  Your words were thoughtful, poetic, and soul searching.  I cried as I read your note and Molly’s memorial page.

Our hearts break for you and Jake.  Molly was the “perfect little lady westie” and your Glennie was the “perfect little gentlemen westie.”  With that pair, you had the perfect helpers and tutors for the wonderful rescue work you do and the best companions anyone could ever have.  I think the Good Lord was looking for a “perfect pair of westies” to help him with his work at the Rainbow Bridge and he chosen them.  They are having a wonderful time running and playing together again.

Beth, I am so glad Molly passed at home with you when she felt it was time to go; that was a blessing for you.  Penny did it her way too on Aug 21, 2008.  I was glad I didn’t have to make a decision that I didn’t want to make (due to her many maladies).  She was my “soul dog.”  I have been fortunate enough to have had 2 soul dogs in my life and you have too.  They take a big piece of your heart and soul with them when they leave.  I think about them both each day as I am sure you do with yours.

Beth, I have thought about you often and was always glad to hear your news of the many performance sports and other fun things you have done with your westies. I know you are very proud of all their accomplishments over the years.  I love the flags and calendar pictures I have of Molly, Glennie and Jake. You and your westies have been very inspirational for all of us.  You are and have been a wonderful mom to them and they returned that love many times over to you.

I must tell you that I awoke in the middle of the night last night and thought I needed to send a check to the Westie Foundation in memory of Glennie and Molly.  And then I thought, what a crazy dream and finally went back to sleep. You all were obviously on my mind.

I remember when you, Molly and Glennie were at MC.  We were so glad to meet you and your precious LWDs.  Your two were so cute and I could really tell that they adored their mom and would try to do anything for you. We all enjoyed running in the agility and obedience trials that year.

You have mine and Tom’s deepest sympathy.  I know you have that empty feeling now
that only time can make better.  You have wonderful memories of Miss Molly Marie and her precious little brother, Glennie, who rescued you both when you all needed each other.  I know we will all be reunited with our precious westies one day at the bridge.

Please take care of yourself and little Jake.  You both will need each other to get through this time of grief.  Hold tight to your memories and those wonderful pictures your have of Molly and Glennie.  Am sending you and Jake a hug and will have you both in my prayers. 
Barbara and Tom Salmons in SC
(Cary, Max and Jamie)


Dear Molly,  I knew your Mom before she knew you.  I kept Meg and Peg who she was looking at and then got you from Janet.  What a great life you have had.  You were a model with my Betty Boop.  We all went on photo shoots together with puppies in tow.  I have many, many photos of you with Boop and puppies.  We spent many hours together on the road and in photo shoots.  Some when I was recovering from chemo.  You have always touched my heart with your great personality and tenacious spirit.. You have gone on to many titles and special awards with the national club which have made us all very proud.  I saw you perform in The Wizard of Oz with brother Glennie.  What an actress!   To add to your repritoire’.  I still have the ticket stub.  You have been a special sister to foster Westies.  A leader in the Rescue Parade.  Lure Racing participant, Miss Muffett with her Spider, special boat rider at picnic.  I could go on Miss Molly.  By now, you probably know.

 In a life review, you get an A plus, plus, plus, and beyond.  The joy you brought to us all.  Especially Mom, Beth who helped make you all you could be plus you just had that extra specialness to endear those who knew you to them.  You did that Molly.  You did that.  What an honor to know you and love you, Molly.  Always special and always in my heart.  Truly “Over The Rainbow” Miss Molly.  Love you always and forever.  Thank you Beth for a special, dear Molly Marie. 

Bev Walker


I am to hear so sorry to hear that Molly left you on Sunday, but it was good to know you were with her until the end – unlike poor Glennie.  I am thankful she slipped peacefully away; and you did not have to make that awful decision to end her suffering.  I am happy she had a steak dinner, and had you all to herself on Sunday.  Most of all, you were blessed with another year with one another – in spite of her serious medical issues – and even knowing the inevitable outcome, you both rallied and were fighters.  You had all these blessings at the end of Molly’s life…and what a life she had! 

 Besides being such a pretty little Westie girl and gracing so many calendars, posters, and flags, Molly had brains, courage, and tenacity. Her devotion to Glennie was unlike any I’ve ever seen. Their pictures together are incredibly tender and touching examples of sibling devotion, adoration, and love.  Molly was a premier foster sister to countless dogs – including my MacTavish.  She was accepting of new fosters, a leader and model to many Westies that you welcomed into your home.  

But, what I remember most about Molly was her love of hunting; she was the consummate hunter, and for me, to watch Molly hunting in Earthdog was a joy to behold.  My favorite memory was when Molly caught an escaped rat outside the tunnel – right after it bit you!  I remember her running in those woods and fields for Earthdog practices and trials, and that’s what I picture she is doing now – hunting and running free with her adored Glennie until Jake, and finally Mom, arrive to hold her once again in Heaven.

 Kate King


Such beautiful things have been written here about the life of one small, little white dog.  But oh, what a dog!!  This one little white dog touched the lives of so many, both humans and Westies.  

I first met Beth at a Specialty when Molly was just a pup.  We have had many doggie get togethers, birthday parties and sleepovers.  Molly was Brady’s first (and only) girlfriend.  What fun we had going to Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes, where the tourists stopped us to take pictures of Molly, Glennie, Cody and Brady. Molly and I shared a birthday, and Beth and Brady shared one.  Glennie and Brady went to Heaven one day apart.  I know they are all together again, having lots of fun, along with Wendy who shared in many of our adventures.

I tend to think of my life in “dog years” –that is, the time when one or another special furry soul graced my life.  Unfortunately those years come and go, but they are always there, in our hearts and memories.  They make up our lives. 

Beth, may you find comfort that Molly is healthy and strong in God’s tender care – until you meet again.  Meanwhile, keep your eyes, ears, and heart open. Molly WILL let you know she still surrounds you.  I promise.   

With Our Love and Sympathy,

Melissa and Dennis Taetsch


My heart goes out to you at the sad loss of Molly.  If I came back after I died I would want to come back as one of your dogs. They have the very best life ever!!!  Look at all the wonderful things they get to do, places to go and no one could be loved more!!! Even though you had her for a long life (in dog ) I know how fast those years go by.  I know how attached we get to them – doesn’t take long. I still miss Jubilee even though it’s been 4 years without her. Sometimes she sends me signs to know she is still with me. 

I will never forget Molly – what a wonderful dog she was. She had it all Beauty , and personality plus.  My favorite is how she always washed Jazzy’s whole face every time she  saw her. It was so cute. I know Jazzy really loved her too.  No dog ever looked cuter than Molly with her hats and coats. I know she brought a smile to many at Rock n Roll – and especially at the Parades.  How many dogs get to do what they love – Terriers it’s got to be the hunt for vermin. 

It must be really hard for you to lose both Glennie and Molly so close together. I know how much Jazzy missed Jubilee after she died. Jazzy wouldn’t play or even chew on her sticks for months until Jitterbug came home.  At least you know now  that they are together again = romping around heaven waiting for you. I know they are enjoying being young again and doing the things they love. 

I always think that we are the lucky ones, who get to spend time with such amazing creatures, even if it is just for a little while. Where else do we get to experience such unconditional love?  I always admired you because no matter what venue you were training and showing -you were always positive with your dogs. There happiness meant more than a title or score. 

All the memories you have of Molly and Glennie will keep them close to your heart. all the places you went and things you did together. How special they were.  I really love the clips from your Wizzard of Oz production. It IS AMAZING how well they did. But we both know how much they enjoyed the limelight. Molly really did SHINE!!!!

It’s so hard to lose them – but time is a great healer. the day will come when you will remember all the good stuff and it won’t hurt quite as much.            I saw the most incredible rainbow last Fri. It made me think of all our wonderful dogs and pets waiting for us at the bridge. 

                                                 Take Care,

                                                                        I’ll be thinking of you. 

                                             no one will ever forget what a wonderful sweet girl Molly was. 


                                                                                                    Jazzy Lee, and Jitterbug too