Dogs In Care


This page reflects the dogs we currently have in care and are or will be available for adoption.  If you are interested, you can find the application on the menu above under the tab “Application”.  Please print the application and fill it out carefully.  It must be mailed in with your original signature on it. 

Should you have questions and want to talk to someone, please keep in mind that many of our volunteers also have full time jobs as well as fostering responsibilities.  They would appreciate it very much if you would make sure to call before 8pm.  If you leave a message for them, they will return it as soon as possible but on rare occasion, it may take a day or two.  We try never to take more than 48 hours.  Phone numbers are in the banner above.



Abby, age 8, came to live with her new family when her mom got sick and passed.  Abby’s new family didn’t really have time for her; the wife was ill and couldn’t handle the two dogs.  They kept one and surrendered Abby.  She seems to be a very nice little girl with no medical issues.  She spent some time with her first foster family but when they were in the process of moving she went to another home.  She is busy learning to control her excitement when she meets new people and dogs.  She was having trouble with nighttime accidents and it was determined that she had a form of diabetes insipidus which is completely controled with eyedrops(!) and Proin.  (No needles needed!)

Buddy came into foster care at age 8.  His owner thought he was a Westie/Shih Tzu mix.  We think there is more in there than that and aren’t really even sure about the Westie/Shih Tzu.  He is larger, maybe 30-35#, long in the body.  His ears look like they stand but the hair looks like they are hanging.  His tail sometimes goes up like a Westie but it is longer than a Westie tail.  He has a black ear and a black ring around his tail.  The lady who surrendered wasn’t the first owner.  She said prior owner had been beating him with a broom handle.  We are amazed at his friendly demeanor considering that treatment.  He looks like he has skin issues but are pretty sure that it is a reaction to a boatload of fleas.  He will be seeing the vet soon and needs to be neutered.  We have a friendly dog here who will make some family happy even though he isn’t going to be mistaken for a Westie by many!



Libby, age 9, came into foster care after her family was divorced and dad could not afford her care any longer.  Libby is a very nicely tempered girl.  She is currently being treated for skin issues.  She has just arrived and hasn’t been groomed yet but we can see a pretty little girl in there!  Libby seems to be very comfortable with her foster sibling and has been very good for baths and ear cleaning by her foster mom.   She is currently being treated for skin issues and severely infected ears. We hope she will soon be ready for her new home.