Dogs In Care


This page reflects the dogs we currently have in care and are or will be available for adoption.  If you are interested, you can find the application on the menu above under the tab “Application”.  Please print the application and fill it out carefully.  It must be mailed in with your original signature on it. 

Should you have questions and want to talk to someone, please keep in mind that many of our volunteers also have full time jobs as well as fostering responsibilities.  They would appreciate it very much if you would make sure to call before 8pm.  If you leave a message for them, they will return it as soon as possible but on rare occasion, it may take a day or two.  We try never to take more than 48 hours.  Phone numbers are in the menu item “contact us”.

Maisey, age 11, came to rescue when her parents both passed away.  She is a sweet, loving little girl who is trying to understand what has happened to her world.  Maisey saw the vet and a specialist who agree that she is in the early stages of Westie lung disease.  We have started K laser treatment for her condition.  We hope we can find a home for her that will love her and care for her but also understand her limitations.  She would love to be with someone who can give her lots of time and attention.