Tucker came to Westie Rescue Michigan, as have many others, because his family could not afford his medical care. He has some skin issues that are being treated — something we’re familiar with since many Westies have them. Westie Rescue Michigan has been among the pioneers in treating skin issues in Westies, and we have a strong working relationship with one of the veterinary practices that’s been involved in testing new treatments (that means we get in on the ground floor of the latest treatment methods). If your Westie has skins issues, feel free to reach out — many of our volunteers have extensive experience in this area and can guide you through the process of identifying which treatments have worked in particular situations.

In Tuckers case, we think he has a severe flea allergy and things have progressed to the point where he’s lost a great deal of hair and has infections that are causing him discomfort. He’s now getting the best of care and we hope will soon be on the way to being a beautiful Westie again. He’s already settled in at his foster home and bonded with his foster mom. He’s got a beautiful personality and is the sweetest boy. At 11 he may be a senior but he’s got some Westitude as well. Watch this space for updates on Tucker’s health status — it might take a bit to get things under control, but Westie Rescue has only his best interests in mind.