To honor Westies, living or at the Rainbow Bridge, by donations in their names to help other Westies find a better life while here, on earth.”


April 24, 2008 – April 28, 2023

Robbie was a unique and very special Westie. He was the profile face and subject of numerous posts for Westie Rescue Michigan Facebook for many years. He was also an excellent ambassador for Westie Rescue Michigan; his foster mom adopted him shortly after being surrendered to her care. Robbie was diagnosed with Addison’s disease prior to being surrendered to WRM, and while a special needs dog, he was a good-natured boy about getting a monthly Percorten injection for 14 years. In fact, he adored his vet. Everyone who met Robbie fell under his spell; he was quiet, mellow, well-mannered and a gentle soul. Robbie was his mom’s heart and soul dog, and loved by everyone who knew him.

Robbie had a striking smile – thanks to a slight under bite and a calm, mellow personality. He rarely barked, and it was not uncommon for him to go weeks – sometimes even months without barking – unless there was a rare squirrel outside his fence. Robbie never barked at strangers outside his house or visitors who entered his home, and he watched the mail carriers and delivery folks come and go without barking. While never being taught to fetch, he naturally loved playing this game over and over, and amassed a huge collection of balls over the years. Robbie would happily retrieve his ball and drop it in your lap or at your feet; he was definitely an exceptional Westie in possessing these particular qualities.

Robbie was a stellar foster brother for 10 years to a number of foster dogs for Westie Rescue Michigan. He took every new dog member, who came to share his home and family, all in stride. His best buddy was his foster sister, Ruby, and they remained quite close through the years, even after Ruby was adopted. His best foster brother pals were Razz and Leo, but Robbie’s blind foster brother, Sammy, was the one he loved most. Robbie never left Sammy’s side, made it his job to lead him around the yard, and was always vigilant about protecting this special little blind foster brother.

Robbie was the happiest when he was with his mom. It didn’t matter if it was on his bed in the kitchen, outside in the yard, on walks, or traveling to Florida in the car for three days. He was an excellent traveling companion: no whining, no anxiety, no struggling to get out of his car harness. Robbie and his mom made a car trip to Florida in the winter for five consecutive years, and he made new friends there too. He loved walking on the beach, sunning himself on the deck, and even wore doggles for windy days on the beach.

In spite of Addison’s disease, neurological issues, an enlarged heart, patellar luxation, arthritis, and high kidney values, Robbie made it gloriously to his 15th birthday on April 24, 2023. As if by divine intervention, renal failure four days after his birthday, left him lethargic and uninterested in food or water. All he wanted was to rest in his favorite place: on mom’s bed, pressed up next to her. His endearing vet made a house call, and while Robbie was surrounded by those he loved, he left earth for his next journey. Robbie crossed to the Rainbow Bridge knowing he was loved and cherished.

Goodbye, sweet boy…“I will love you forever.”

The following have donated to WRM in Robbie’s honor:

Kate King, Robbie’s mom

Debi Thomas

Barb Boggess

Mary Coe Ryan

Carla Morand Dustin

Jackie Curtis

Elaine Karls

Jill Chanel

Beth Widdows

Jackie Curtis

Lane and Linda Valliere

Shanna and Larry Butcher


Adopted in 2008 and at the bridge May 9, 2023

Jack was adopted by his foster home in 2008 , settling in well with the other dogs. He was a sweet mix of Westie and Poodle with a great personality and a sense of adventure. He moved with his family while they lived in Ireland for a few years and was a constant companion to his Dad during their time there.

The following have donated to WRM in Jack’s honor:

Jean Story

Jackie Curtis

Finney is an 11-month old puppy