To honor Westies, living or at the Rainbow Bridge, by donations in their names to help other Westies find a better life while here, on earth.”


Roxie came into Rescue at age 2 in 2008. She had severe skin issues and her owners could no longer afford her medications. She was in Rescue for quite a while as we worked on her skin condition. This was before we had the current medicines that work so much better but she did improve and was able to find a new home.

Roxie did have a good life.  And she was a fighter.  She let all her health issues know that she wasn’t going down easy!  She had her skin issues, cancer, Cushings, Westie Lung and ultimately her kidneys were shutting down.   And Roxie made our lives so full and complete.  As we all know and experience, the hole in our heart and in our lives takes a long time to fill when those precious members of our family leave us.  Nothing like that sweet little white face and wagging tail and body greeting you at the door every time you walk in!!

Donations In Roxie’s Honor:
Mom and Dad
Barbara Engerer
David and Wendy Boer

Kirby came to Westie Rescue Michigan in 2015 with the name of Kearney.  He was with his first foster home and adopted in early 2016.  That adoption didn’t work out and he came back to us.  He was in two foster homes before we found the perfect home for him.  He was renamed Kirby.

We adopted Kirby in June of 2016, a Westie of about 8 years who appeared to have had a difficult time the last two years before Westie Rescue came to his aid.  Westie Rescue worked hard to bring Kirby back to health.   When Kirby arrived in our household, he quickly became a beloved and loyal member of our family.  Kirby was such a wonderful dog.  He was very attentive and loved attention.  When we took him for walks in the neighborhood, he helped us meet many neighbors though his friendly tail wagging greetings to all we met.   They all liked him and always wanted to pet him, which he very much loved.  When we got home, he would grab his Kong and throw it around chasing it as it bounced along the floor.  At times, he would jump up with all his legs off the floor and then grab the Kong as it bounced along the floor.  This was so unusual that friends visiting us commented on his acrobatic skill.  Sadly, just before 4 years as a member of our family, he passed away in late March.  We miss him very much and wished that we would have had more time with him.   

Donations in Kirby’s Memory:

Mom and Dad, Mel and Mary Ann Czechowski


Buddy arrived into Foster Care at age 11.  His dad died and the adult daughter moved in with her 2 year old and 2 other dogs.  No one had time for Buddy and he was beginning to have strong reactions when the toddler pulled on his collar or his hair.  Rather than risk an injury, Buddy was surrendered.  

From his new Mom: 

My heart is broken. I had to say goodbye to my precious Buddy Saturday. WLD took him. I loved him so much. I had only 4 precious and wonderful years with the sweetest little gentleman ever. He was my special little prince, one of a kind. He was heaven sent. My joy is gone. 💔🐾I was blessed to have him but wished it had been many more years.


Donations in Buddy’s memory:  

Mom, Dee Rakic
Beth Widdows
Jackie Curtis