To honor Westies, living or at the Rainbow Bridge, by donations in their names to help other Westies find a better life while here, on earth.”



 Willie Dwyer

Willie was one of those unforgettable little foster dogs when we took him into care in 2004.  He stayed in the minds and hearts of almost everyone who met him that year.  He had personality plus and definitely a mind of his own.  His dad walked into the groomer’s one day and saw him and, as he tells it, he looked at Willie and said “Son” and Willie looked at him and said “Dad”!   And it was written!  Willie had a brother named Buddy and a mom as well as a cat who stayed in another part of the house.  Willie could probably write a book…or have a whole book written about him.  But one thing, we know, he was loved as much as a little Westie could be loved and a lot of people have grieved him when he left this world.  He made his mark!!!!

Donations in Willie’s Memory
Mom and Dad (in the form of goods donated in the names of Willie and Buddy)
Beth Widdows

******************************************************************* Mem_Bonnie2

Bonnie (Blue) Mienaltowski
February 21, 2002  – August 5, 2016
Originated in an Ohio puppy mill
Adopted by Susan & Chet Mienaltowski on February 13, 2007

Bonnie was “rescued” from an Ohio Puppy Mill from someone (unknown) and then given to a Michigan breeder. Bonnie became very “depressed” and the breeder decided that they had too many dogs and they had to get rid of Bonnie. When Bonnie came into the West Highland White Terrier Club of Southeastern Michigan Rescue, they indicated that she had gone through a false pregnancy and was just recovering. Bonnie went to a foster home of Susan and Chet Mienaltowski, who had recently lost their Westie, also named Bonnie. When Bonnie was spayed, an infection was found in the uterus, which accounted for her “symptoms” and would have killed her had she not been cared for medically. Bonnie was adopted by Susan and Chet Mienaltowski, who felt a special kinship with Bonnie because she came into their lives so soon after their loss. Bonnie thrived and enjoyed a real “pet dog’s life! She was formally retired and spent her summers in Michigan and winters in Florida with her adopted parents. Sadly, in 2016, Bonnie was diagnosed with Westie Lung disease and she went to the Rainbow Bridge on August 5, 2016. Bonnie Blue had many happy years with her family and was loved by everyone who knew her. We will all miss our sweet little girl.

Mem_Bonnie2a copy

Donations Made In Bonnie’s Memory

Mom and Dad, Sue and Chet Mienaltowski
Barb Engerer
Beth Widdows


Briarcliff Elementary My Dear Watson


June 21,2000 – July 15,2016

Our beloved Watson, you were sent to us to bring us love and happiness, moments of aggravation and laughter, companionship and loyalty. You were such a gentle soul but you had that Westietude that keep us entertained with all the mischief you could get into. You loved to be on squirrel patrol making sure they didn’t invade your backyard.

You were Dad’s best buddy and Mom’s forever friend and confident.

We were so blessed to have you for sixteen years, but not long enough. You filled our life with love and joy and have left us with a million wonderful memories of you. We carry you inside our hearts everyday. We miss you so much!!

Run free our little one with your brother Wesley until we meet again at the bridge.

Love,  Mom and Dad

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Donations made  in Watson’s Memory:

Mom and Dad, Carole and Jim Beaudry
Barb Engerer
Janice Collins
Jackie Curtis
Beth Widdows
Sandi and Peter Burton
Maggie Piertzak
Kate King


Mem_Lilly 1Mem_Lilly 2


Lilly was a beloved pet of Jane.  She lived in Georgia.  She was a therapy dog for over 9 years visiting nursing homes and hospitals until she left for Rainbow Bridge.

Donations in Lilly’s memory:  Liz Damas



Mindy Adopted 3/16/04-2/12/16
Max Adopted 6/2/05-4/18/16

Dear Westie Rescue Team,

In memory of our sweet Max and Mindy, we are sending this donation to help in some small way with all the care and placement of other little Westies that come your way.  We feel blessed and very grateful to you – not just for finding Max and Mindy a happy home with us, but for giving US a warmer, happier home ever since they became a part of our family and our hearts.

Donations In Memory of Max and Mindy:

Mom and Dad (Sandi and Peter Burton)
Jim and Carole Beaudry
Barb Engerer


EPSON MFP imageTiny D. Clark, 2-18-1999 – 1/30/2016

Tiny D. lived a good life and was well loved.

Donation in Tiny’s memory from:

Amy and Dave Clark (Mom and Dad)


Version 2

In Loving Memory of Winnie

Winnie, my heart dog. You are and always will be my special angel. You may think that I rescued you- but you Winnie-bear rescued me. We shared a wonderful life together. Your heart and soul were full of love and joy and gentleness. You gave so much and I learned so much because of you. I love you and miss you so. You were the best. I will see you again-

I carry your heart with me, (I carry it in my heart)

Love, Mommie

Dee Rakic

Donations in Memory of Winnie:

Barb Engerer
Carole Beaudry
Dee Rakic (Mom)
Jackie Curtis
Deb Verhoeks