To honor Westies, living or at the Rainbow Bridge, by donations in their names to help other Westies find a better life while here, on earth.”

 Lilibeth Del Valle

Lilibeth was a much loved little girl who, in conjunction with her mom, has done much to help raise funds for Westie Rescue.  Her website is at  We are sad to learn of her passing at the age of almost 18 years.  We thought she might live forever.  To see more beautiful photos of her, visit her memorial pages at:

Duncan Wieczorek

Duncan came to Rescue as a foster dog in 2003.  He had allergies and his owner could not afford to do the testing.  We remember her because she met us at our vet and cared enough to take the time to give him the information he needed to begin his treatment.  She was very sad to give Duncan up but knew that it was the best thing for him. 

Duncan was fostered and given lots of love and attention.  Finally when he was well, he was adopted by a nice couple who were willing to risk taking on a dog who had had a medical situation.  They loved him very much.  His adopted mom passed and we know that they are now together in a happy place.  His dad will miss him very much.  Duncan we a special little guy. 

 Donations in Duncan’s memory:
Dad, Ed Wieczorek
Barb Engerer
Beth Widdows
Carole and Jim Beaudry



Angel was turned in to a shelter because the owner could not afford her medical care.  The shelter turned her over to us in hopes we could make her adoptable.  We got her in February and worked with her for 5 months.  Angel had multiple medical issues including poor vision, almost no hearing, bad knees, one leg which was deformed either by birth or injury, high liver counts whose source could not be identified after extensive testing and even a liver biopsy and which could not be controlled, and allergies.  She was in two foster homes.  Both times she bonded to the caregiver but did not trust other family members.  She was inclined to bite first and think later whenever she was startled.  After several bites to different people including visitors who did not volunteer for Rescue, and after 5 months of work, we had to let her go.  Hopefully she is now in a place where she can see and hear and trust.  We thank her foster homes for all of their efforts to save this little one.  At least we know she had 5 months of love and care before she passed.

 Remembered and missed by Westie Rescue


Adopted 2010 – Died July 2012

Donations in his Memory

Beth Widdows
Barb Engerer
Carole Beaudry



  MacTavish My Love King

Family: Kate King and Matt Sprygada
Sara, Westie sister

MacTavish, nicknamed Mac, and affectionately known as Mackey, was my soul dog. If you have ever been blessed with such a dog, then you understand how very much I loved him. 

Letter to my sweet boy

Dear Mackey,

You were my companion and friend, always loyal and true, sweet and brave; happily a brother to Alpha sister Sara; a foster brother to many Westies; a contented therapy dog for ten years: a dog I saw work miracles. I was so very proud of you, and no other dog will ever take the place you hold in my heart.  

Your first year of life was spent in a pet store and then with neglectful owners. But you were grateful to be adopted and showed your appreciation in so many ways. Yes, MacTavish my love, you were very special – and not only to me. You brought many people joy and put smiles on their faces. You were Maggie’s best friend, your sister’s favorite wrestling partner, and my lap dog whenever I sat down. You would have walked with me to the ends of the earth, and always content to be part of our pack- whether it was in the car, our boat or your buggy.  

Mackey, please forgive me, but I had to let you go. God knows I tried everything to keep you breathing better and free from any pain. I am so sorry you had to suffer. I would have given you years of my life, if that would have bought you more time, but it was not to be. I long for the day I will see you once again waiting for me at the Rainbow Bridge. Your lungs will be strong and healthy and both of us will be running and playing together once again.

Be a good boy – I know you will. Find all the egg babies you can, and look for Glennie too. Do not give up waiting for me sweet boy, because if there is a heaven, then surely you will be there.       

 Your mom, Kate


A Memorial to MacTavish 

Mackey was our first dog as foster parents we picked up after being surrendered to Westie Rescue, and I was not prepared to see such a dirty, matted, stinky little guy. We took him immediately to our groomers for a bath and haircut, and we had to roll down the windows because of the horrible smell.

But, once we arrived home, MacTavish seemed to perk right up, and was frisky and happy. Matt and I thought it was his way of thanking us for saving him from such a wretched life of neglect. Even though we were strangers, Mac jumped into our laps and cuddled.

One week later – on Valentine’s Day, we adopted Mackey and I found my soul dog and best friend. Because of his gentle, calm, loving nature, we set out and became a team for Therapy Dog International (TDI). First Mackey earned his CDC (Canine Good Citizen), and then passed his TDI testing with flying colors. Mackey’s “work” was to sit or lie down quietly next to a patient, never sniff or eat from the floor, run from loud sounds, whine or bark, or bolt when I left his side. We met children in grief camps, patients in facilities, students in my classes, and co-workers in my college for nearly ten years.

On one visit as a therapy dog, Mackey snuggled into a patient with Alzheimer’s and to her family’s astonishment, she became lucid and began carrying on a conversation asking me questions about Mackey.  On another visit to a nursing home, Mac bonded quickly with a frail woman in a wheelchair. When she asked Mackey if he would like a cookie, and started talking to him while she stroked his head, I thought nothing of it. But the nursing staff gathered round in excitement and told me this was the very first time they had heard this patient speak since arriving several months ago. Mackey may not have won ribbons and medals, but he was a champion in my eyes. Mackey was intuitive, soothing, loving, and gentle: he was a healer and could calm troubled, ill, or lonely souls. You could say he was a sensitive dog that helped bring about miracles.

Mackey’s bravery and stoic nature was never more apparent than when he suffered two torn ligaments and surgeries within six months. He never whined, or whimpered, or ever cried out in pain, His sister “beat him up” regularly, but he never snapped back in protest.

In March 2012, Mackey was diagnosed with Westie Pulmonary Fibrosis, or Westie Lung. We consulted five doctors, tried acupuncture, laser therapy, and rounds of different drugs, but on Saturday, July 7, at 10 in the morning, I rushed Mackey to emergency care for oxygen. It was only the day before we had made a second trip to OVRS to see another specialist and one new oral drug and two inhalers. Mac rallied until 8:30 that evening, and then our sweet boy gave up the fight. When we saw him at 12:30, he wagged his tail for the last time and looked at me with those beautiful brown eyes, but all I could see and hear was his struggle to breathe in pain and suffering. The decision to take Mackey’s life and end his suffering was such a heart-breaking choice: keep him breathing and hope, or hold him while he sank into a peaceful release no longer struggling for each breath. We let him go to sleep in my arms, and this memory will remain with me until I die. Mackey loved Sara dearly and it seems at times she is searching for her brother. MacTavish My Love was like no other dog I have ever loved…or ever will again. I cherish all those memories of Mackey, all the affection he gave others, and how he made my life whole.

 Donations made to Rescue in his memory by:
Mom, Dad and sister Sara
Beth Widdows
Barb Engerer
Carole Beaudry
Ernest & Denise Hill
Jill Chanel
Sharon Grappin, DVM



Snowflake Payne
(Adopted) 3/11/11 – 6/28/12

Snowflake was left at a shelter in February.  She came in to Rescue and went to live with her foster family where she was such a nice fit that she never left.  She was adopted at the age of 12 and lived the rest of her life surrounded by love. 

From her family:
Snowflake came to us at the age of 12 years.  The year and a half we had Snowflake, she was a complete joy.  She adjusted well to being a farm dog.  She was overweight – with a diet she lost weight and enjoyed trotting around with her brothers and sisters, chasing squirrels.  She was a good cuddle bug.  When she was ready to cuddle, it would be one big leap to your lap.  She and Frizzy had become fast buddy’s.  Where one would be, you would find the other.  So now she can go find her best friend once again.  They can run, play and sleep together and watch over the rest of the little Westies left here for us to enjoy. 


 If Butterflies could fly
to heaven, they would bring
my love to you and yours
right back to me.

Donations made to Rescue in her memory by:

Beth Widdows
Barb Engerer

            Toby Dickens
05/2000- 06/16/2012

We adopted Toby in 2004..He was my first rescue dog but really and truly he changed my life..Toby is the reason we went on to open our home and foster other Westies…

Toby was a beautiful Westie and he LOVED the water, garden hose , lake, creek, pond he didn’t care he just loved to be in it.

Toby Loved his toys…all of them ..and Toby Loved his family.

We will always Love Toby and have him in our hearts forever….. 

Love mom and dad

Donations made to Rescue in his memory by:

Beth Widdows
Barb Engerer
Carole Beaudry


Delta Dawn
 11/01/01 – 03/03/12

Delta Dawn Sayles was a much loved dog of Bev Walker who had several litters and was a very good Mama. Bev placed Delta in a home but the placement didn’t work out. Delta came back to Bev and she set out to find the perfect forever home for her Miss Delta Dawn. When we saw Miss Delta for the first time, it was “Love At First Sight”. We just knew that she had to come and live with us! She was so beautiful and had such personality and spunk that we would have begged to have Delta.
Delta came into our lives and took over! She put our other two dogs into their place in the pack and all was right with our world. She and Biscuit loved to play in that rough house Westie way. Delta was always in the middle of everything happening in the house. During meal time, she clacked her jaws as if to say “Hurry UP!!! She always had a way of telling us what she wanted and she always wanted it NOW!
Delta was diagnosed with cancer in August of 2010. The vets at MSU gave her 6 months to a year. We had options for treatment, but the treatments made her sick, so we stopped the medicine and she lived for a year and a half with just minor pain medication. She was such a strong soul.
Delta Dawn was Sweet and Sassy to the end. She will always be loved and missed by Tom and Martha Sayles, Bev Walker and all those who knew her.

Donations made to Rescue in her memory by:

Beth Widdows
Barb Engerer
Suzanne Peters
Jim and Carole Beaudry



Sweetie Petey “Ward”
Approx. 1997-1/2012

Sweetie Petey came into foster care in December 2009 at 12 years old and was soon diagnosed with “Westie Lung”. I agreed to foster Petey for the remainder of his life. Who knew that he would live for 2 more years?! His disease never seemed to slow him down until the very end. He was such a goofy dog with only 6 teeth. He rarely barked, never chased a squirrel and cared less if the mail carrier was approaching the house. Sweetie Petey could walk backwards faster than forward and used “reverse” often when he thought there might be an opportunity to get a bite of food.
Sweetie Petey’s claim to fame was his chronic gas. Bad gas. Really bad gas. Sometimes toxic gas. Some days I thought a skunk had gotten into the house. He, too, knew it was bad because he would fart and then leave the room! Many a family gathering was livened-up with the smell of Petey’s farts. Family members would make a mad dash to open a window or door wall to get fresh air. Groans of “PETEY!” could be heard as the foul odor made its way across the room. He was such a sweet dog that he was always welcomed to attend gatherings, even with the bad gas.
Sweetie Petey spent many hours of the day on the back of the couch looking out the window. Sometimes I think he was daydreaming because he would look up into the sky and focus on nothing. Other times he would glance at the activity on the street but never got excited about it – unless it was Uncle Hank arriving. When I went back to work, Uncle Hank came over every day at lunchtime to feed Petey and take him for a walk. My neighbors reported that when Uncle Hank arrived he would wave to Petey in the window and then Petey would jump off the couch to get lunch. After his walk, Uncle Hank would wait for Petey to get back on the couch, wave good-bye to him, then leave. With Petey’s passing Uncle Hank has lost his purpose in life.
Petey went up north camping with us several times a year. His nose was constantly sniffing all the new smells but he never had interest in finding the chipmunks. Petey was a good traveler – except for his gas and we had to drive with the windows open no matter the temperature outside!
n the summer of 2011 Sweetie Petey became the “Therapy dog” at the assisted living facility where we had moved my Grandma. Petey was a friendly and laid-back dog so this was the perfect job for him. I would give the residents a treat to give Petey. Their smiles and giggles were priceless as they watched him eat the treats.
Sweetie Petey’s disease progressed and on January 20, 2012 he crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He farted all the way across.
Donations made to Rescue in his memory by:
Beth Widdows
Barb Engerer
Karen Beard
Kevin Beard
Kelli Fennig
Karla Beard
Baron & Baxter
Petey’s Cousins
Sue Peters
Also, Berkley Animal Clinic made a donation in honor of Petey to the Arbor Day Foundation. A tree will be planted and registered in the Shasta-Trinity National Forest.