Until this past year, we didnŐt have so many options regarding taking in dogs.  I did most of it here and then moved the dogs out.  But now we are taking dogs in all over the place so here it goes:


When you intake a dog, if the person surrendering the dog asks for any kind of follow up, tell them you are not authorized to make that commitment and that they must talk to Beth about it.  Tell them that normally we do NOT contact the person surrendering to give them updates.  And we do want to encourage the original owners to make a complete separation and go on with their lives.  If they really want to learn more about the dogŐs situation, I will normally tell them that they must email or call ME and I will give them general information.  At no time will I ever tell them who has adopted their dog but I will tell them if the dog has been adopted and perhaps some general information about the family situation. 


Okay, here are reasons for this policyÉ..


1)     When we are dealing with 30 or more dogs a year, there simply isnŐt time to be calling and communicating with the surrendering family on a regular basis.  Our obligations are to the dog and to the adoptersÉ.not to the surrenderer.

2)   A continued relationship with the people who have surrendered too often leads to trouble.  Some cannot make the break and will continue to want updates for years to come.  Some will become angry and it can lead to lawsuits, justified or not.  Some are not mentally stable and will begin stalking or threatening.  It has happened. 

3)   If they are giving up the dog, they need to get past it and go on with their lives.  It isnŐt any favor to keep reminding them of the situation. 

Let ME take the heat.  If you had to give your phone number and they continue to call you, just send them on to me.  And it is a reason for considering going to get the dog or meeting them part way rather than having them come to your house.  Use your judgment on that.


Finally, should you see them later, even if you want to do so, DO NOT give them a piece of your mind.  It is kind of like giving the finger to a driver on the road.  You donŐt know who might have a loaded gun on the seat beside them.  Just be polite and say as little as possible.  Even lightly loaded comments can blow up in your face. 






Beth, SE Michigan Westie Rescue

Molly CD ME RAE OAP OJP VDX (and now certified for tracking!)

Glennie RAE, NJP, NAP, VDA




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