Officers and Committees


We are now officially incorporated in the  State of Michigan and have received our 501c3 tax status from the IRS.

President:  Beth Widdows (eff 6/1/14)
Secretary:  Maggie Murray
Treasurer:  Jackie Curtis
Board of Directors:
– Carole Beaudry
– Chris Finkbeiner
– Kate King
– Unfilled

Past Presidents:
Beth Widdows 2012-2013, June 2014-
Julie Risch 2013- May 2014

Surrender intakes:  Beth Widdows
Adoption Applications:  Beth Widdows
Volunteer Coordinator Applications:  Maggie Murray
Foster Home Support:  Maggie Murray
Foster Home Applications:  Maggie Murray
Treasurer:  Jackie Curtis
Photo Collection: Beth Widdows
Unfilled:  Organizing Rescue Speciality Functions
Reports, Club:  Carole Beaudry
Reports, Other:  Maggie Murray (mainly online)
Record Maintenance including Dog binders:  Maggie Murray and Susan Bloomfield
Annual Checkups:  Kate King
Petfinder Checking:  Carole Beaudry
Thank You Notes: Carole Beaudry
Mailing Dog packages:  Carole Beaudry
Petfinder:  Beth Widdows
Website:  Beth Widdows
Paypal Coordinator:  Jackie Curtis
Fundraiser product Mailing:  Beth Widdows

Co Chairs:
Sue Peters – Event organization
Susan Bloomfield – Website and Materials
Carole Beaudry – Ad placements

Fundraising Committee:  (Volunteers are not limited to the specific functions listed after their names)
Carole Beaudry – Speciality auction, belly bands, coats
Janice Collins – printing newsletter
Barb Engerer – Cards, misc. functions
Penni Fields – Product search, piddle pants, coats
Maggie Pietzrak (Jan Murray) –  Cafe Press; storage of sales items
Carole Ward – Craft Show organization, Crate Pads, coats
Beth Widdows – producing newsletter, Ebay Sales, ordering products and shipping

WebMaster for Rescue:  Beth Widdows