2018 Foster Photos

(Carried over from 2017)


Toby, age almost 11, came into foster care because the grandchildren came to live in his home.  The children are toddlers and things that toddlers do and it just wasn’t going to work out.  Toby has been a nice dog with humans although a bit headstrong.  He has not done well with other dogs.  We have been working on behavior issues with Toby and he is progressing well. He has had some medical issues which we are also taking care of.  (Toby had an adrenyl tumor removed and is recovering as of 3/7/18.)






Stevie (now Wynter Starr) arrived in foster care after several stops.  She was sold to a family with 4 children under the age of ten and some Poms.  They decided she didn’t fit into their family well and they advertised her for sale.  A couple who had recently lost their 15 year old saw the ad and bought her.  They knew they weren’t ready for another dog so turned her over to Rescue.  Stevie is almost six months old and is now spayed and adopted.




Sassy is 4 years old.  She was surrendered because she didn’t get along with the other dogs in the home.  She was very protective of Mom and would snap at anyone who tried to hug her.  It reached a point where they decided she had to find a new home that would suit her better.  Sassy is slowly learning to accept other dogs but it IS a learning process.  Sassy has found her new home where she will be an “only” child.



Starting in 2018:

Lilly is 5 years old.  Her mom passed away and she, along with 2 other westies, were turned in to a shelter.  They all found homes but Lilly was returned.  The shelter then contacted us and let us take her.  Lilly was returned because they couldn’t housebreak her.  The shelter did xrays to eliminate bladder stones as the issue but they put her on antibiotics because there was blood in her urine.  We hope that she will quickly recover and regain housetraining control. (So far, so good….with lots of trips outside, she hasn’t had any accidents so far.)  Lilly is unusually timid and has very little ‘normal house dog’ experience. For instance, she is just learning to do steps and is rather afraid of doors.  But she loves other dogs.  Fortunately she is in a foster home with other dogs and we hope this will help her regain her Westie spirit.

Lilly has been adopted by a family with another Westie.  She is doing very well.

Ellie is 5 years old.  She was a puppy with us originally.  She had a birth defect called an ectopic ureter.  The tubes weren’t connected properly so she leaked urine continually.  This required surgery which we did.  She was adopted and had a happy family.  But recently both of her parents passed away and she is in need of a new family.  Ellie is healthy but will always have some issues related to the original problem.  She is on Proin to control any residual leaking.  (We are still trying to get this under control since there was a period where she wasn’t getting her meds. )  She has a tendancy towards urinary infections due to this condition.  She has a history of some fall allergies which are treated with antibiotics.   Other than that, she is a healthy, happy little girl.  She is living easily in a home with two other dogs.  She quickly learned to use the doggie door and sleeps quietly all night long.   (Placement will be made from the waiting list….applications can be found on this site.  Note:  Applications must indicate that they will consider a dog with “more than normal medical” issues.  She will always be on meds for “leaking” and is likely to have more frequent than usual urinary tract infections.)