2017 Foster Photos


Jamie Fraser was in foster care for several weeks.  The shelter tested him positive for heartworm and this positive test repeated while in foster care.  He was kept on heartworm pills while in foster care and his most recent test came back negative.  Another test will be done in six months but in the meantime he has been adopted.



Gabriel, age 14, came into foster care based on a court order.  He is one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet.  Gabe has found a new family that will give him love and “walk him  home”.  Best Wishes, Gabriel!




Leia, age 9, came back into foster care when her dad got sick and passed.  This girl needs some good luck and love.  She lost her previous family the same way.  She is now being cared for and will be looking for a new home.  She is very nice but is a natural “alpha”.  While she has been able to adapt to a new home with other dogs, she prefers to be an “only” child.  She very much wants long and attention, and she DESERVES it!!!   Note: Princess Leia’s adoption is in progress.


Sheldon, age 2-3, came into rescue because he “wasn’t getting along with the other dogs”.  He is doing fine with the dogs in his foster home though.  He is about 15 pounds and came in unneutered but otherwise healthy.   The photo below is after he was groomed.  His adoption is in progress although he will stay in foster care for a while longer than usual due to unique circumstances of the adopters.

Bravo, age 10 weeks, arrived in foster care.  This puppy had a strong heart murmur so the breeder would be unable to sell him.  Many breeders would put a puppy down but this breeder agreed to surrender him to us so we can do the testing and hopefully give the puppy a chance at a good life.  We did not pay the breeder anything for the puppy.  He is 4.1# and was 10 weeks of age last Friday. 

Bravo has Pulmonary Stenosis.  This means that the right side of his heart has to work extra hard to pump the blood out through too small an opening.  It could be the flaps are stuck or there is some band above the opening that is blocking the blood.  There is a surgery for this but she doesn’t want to do it right away.  She wants to see him in 3 months when he is older and larger.  She will then redo the testing and see if there are changes.  In the meantime she is trying medication called Atenolol (which is given to humans for high blood pressure).  She says it might slow him down some.  He will be seeing our vet regularly to check his blood pressure to see if it is making a difference.  The main thing is that if the pressure is lower the right side of his heart may not thicken as much.  If it appears he will need surgery, we will be making the trip to MSU for further evaluation.   There is no long term prognosis yet ! but I’m much more hopeful than I was before the ultrasound. 

Bravo’s potential parents will foster Bravo for a long while before we actually process the adoption.  This will allow us to delay his neuter until he is older and stronger.  And it will allow him to grow up and bond with his forever family.  The couple we are working with both have medical backgrounds which will benefit Bravo during his first year while things are so uncertain.  His new name is “Rudy”.  To date the medication is working well and we are feeling optimistic.


Zeke, age 6, is back in foster care. The placement didn’t work out. It just wasn’t the perfect match. He is now in a foster home where we will again work on his skin issues and let him “decompress”.    He has suffered some pain issues which we are working hard on resolving.   Zeke will get some time, some medical care and some love before we look to place him again.




Griffin, age 8, is in Rescue because he has some allergy and skin issues.  His family could not afford his medical care.  This has been especially true since they are expecting their second child.  Griffin gets along with dogs, and people … he even got along okay with the toddler in the family, although mom took extra pains to be sure he was protected from little hands.  Griffin has been adopted.